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pearcherrytreeinbloomapril2013 003

pearcherrytreeinbloomapril2013 005croppedduelcolortulip

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pearcherrytreeinbloomapril2013 014

starting at the tip, pear flower, my little dog littleb enjoying the sunshine and warmth with me, part of the pear tree, cherry tree that doesn’t produce fruit so I am guessing it needs a pollinator and since I don’t know what kind it is, it doesn’t get one, dual color tulip, the pear tree full shot and you know the rest. by the way interesting thing about the pear tree is the parent tree is behind it and it partially died, and a storm knocked it over and this tree when a baby had enormous thorns on it, (which I read is normal) but lost them as it grew and it seems to be growing from the root of the parent plant instead of from seed because it grew pretty fast and bloomed pretty early in it’s development I am under the impression they don’t bloom when started from seed until at least 10 years old, but I could be wrong. anyone have any ideas? well I hope you enjoy, I really enjoyed this day sitting under that wonderful sun, warm and really liking it alot.!