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more outer banks vacation stuff

coming home from outer banks, virginia I believe thought this was wall was pretty with the colorful trees

this is a pretty flower near the beach, anyone know what kind it is? nice to see flowers blooming while in ohio they are all spent

this is exactly as this picture shows, very sandy trail, you have to walk it to get to the trailhead since you need a four wheel drive to get in. it about destroyed my ankles walking this and I had to go back to the car. it is as bad as walking on sand at the beach. they really need to do something about increasing access to it, I managed to get some pictures of some of the trail up a head.

in the buxton woods, along the sandy road to the trail head, it was very hot this day as well and I was overheating not to mention my poor ankles hurting.

looking up through the trees (this is old doctors road by the way)

I read on a map that water assocation road was more access via none 4 wheel drive. so I will try that next time I am down there. maybe I will get alot more pictures then I did.

more outer banks beauty

myhubby took this at sun down when he was fishing

ocracoke lighthouse,

anyone know what kind of bush this is? found on outerbanks, in peoples; yards

creefcut wildlife trail alligator river national wildlife refuge about 10 miles from manteo

outer banks more photos

avon pier, little ruddy turnstone in winter plumage, cute little guy!

beautiful grass, all over the place down there.

ocracoke hammocks hill nature trail, with explantory plaques

more pictures of my outer banks trip

my hubby fishing near cape point cape hattaras

beautiful markings on this tree in buxton woods

a very pretty sumac with thorns on it’s branches and trunk. ouch! alligator river trail, this trail is wheel chair accessible.

we got stuck on a sand bank in middle of palmico sound for about 2 minutes hence the churning water from reving the engines

my outerbanks vacation photos

this is the same plant I photographed last year it has more than doubled in size, in buxton woods near the lighthouse




pea island at low tide, not as many birds like last year that is why i am standing on a sand bank that was covered in water last year.

like my sunrise?

 I have a video of this sunrise on youtube, outer banks sunrise cape hattaras, from therosa63