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vita d 3, diabetic support pack,

hi there everyone, how is the weather where you are today? well I am reporting here tht my low carb diet is much better, easier to stick to, my cravings for high sugar foods like gone, this past week I have been sleeping through the night without having to get up to eat to calm my insides and get back to sleep which I have been doing for many years now despite all my attempts at dietary and exercise changes. this supplement pack and vitd3 really works! amazing. I just can’t get over the reduction in my symptoms. I just wish doctors would advocate vitad3/serious supplementation of vita min and others, for obese people who suffer serious health problems like hypertension, sleep problems, depression and the like.  sometimes I wonder if they are really interested in healing people rather then just treating them requiring constant monitering and refill of prescriptions.

I know they have to be careful not to piss off the drug companies or rehabilitation companies so they dont lose thier license. if they did alot of companies would go out of busines, but that is no reason to keep people sick. maybe they should go out of business we need healthy people to make a healthy world and with that comes innovations and better products and services that can replace those companies. profit should never take precendent over human health and welfare. agree?

it is hard to believe increasing ones nutrtional status can have such profound affects, it is wonderul, in fact I feel the urge to get back into my exercise routine I used to do. wish I would of knew this long ago. I have less sleepiness during the day as well, my sinus post nasal drip has reduced considerably, headaches hardly get them anymore,(well I have to give one doctor some credit) many years ago when I was having headaches he advocated vita min supplement to help it,should of took that as a clue. I can be a duh sometimes.

anyway it sure feels good to well  feel good for a change.

well taw taw for now.


oh my Goodness those poor birds what a agonizing death, solution to this problem is not more laws there are already a million on the books and I am sure there are plenty already there that addresses this problem the problem is enforcement is impossible, and costly and pollution starts in the mind, a polluted mind equals a polluted world not just trash, but blood, lives, suffering and misery.



This is the type of advertising that should be on tv everyday before dinner and lunch.

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my drawings I did not have any models just from my head



my anhinga



animalsonthewall 020

here are just a few of my colored pencil drawings and cut outs, didn’t have any models so had to go by memory of how it should look, not my best work but good enough for me to put it on the wall. hope you like. the anhinga I used a field guide book for it since I never did a anhinga before.

the great tribulation

hi there friends and neighbors and interested peoples of internet land. this post is a bit in depth and requires alot of thinking, if your not in the mood wait until you are ready to read it. I was musing latly about all the steps to the great tribulation Jesus spoke about and all the scriptures that refer to it and the evidence of it’s nearness. nearness is that a word? Hope I don’t sound confused lol.

here are the scriptural references I am going by,well some of them but not by a long shot all of them. here goes.

Ezekiel 38-39,  matthew 24:1-14, 21-26, revelation 6 (ride of the four horsey guys)revelation 13:11-17, daniel 2 and 4 (rise and fall of the world powers that have a direct effect over Gods people) revelation 16:13-14, luke 21:25-28, 2corithians 4:4,

the wild beasts (dominate world government in our case the anglo american world power) that comes out of the sea and the earth. the earth beast is anglo american world power in a special role, that of bully basically. it pretends to be meek and mild like a lamb (notice lambs horns) but speaks as a dragon (bullies others into submission) it sets up a counterfeit government called the united nations (scarlet colored beast, notice the color, red, royalty, a dictionary says sinful too) it compels men into submission and obedience to this beast, which is only a image of the original beast. they use propaganda, economic warfare, forced compliance to unjust demands, and likes to pretend there is a social contract we are honor bound to obey.

this image pretends to be the true messiah (as christendom has endorsed) or the kingdom of God on earth, but in reality is one of the false messiahs Jesus warned us about. It blasephmies God in that it declares by it’s decrees to be able to accomplish peace prosperity and justice in the earth where only God himself can accomplish through his heavenly Kingdom. with me so far? it is a liar, and serves the interests only of satan. (who by now confined to the earth is now called gog of the land of magog, him in his debased state) understand?

this image is also called a eight king in the bible in that it acts like a king, makes me think about agenda 21 implementation and peace keeping operations in other countries (peace keeping what a farce) it is empire building nonetheless. it has nothing to do with peace and everything to do with subjugating people to a central control body who will micromanage you and me into full blown misery and slavery if they are allowed to go that far. this image (those who run it and profit off of it the ngos, the rulers of impoverished nations, rulers of more powerful nations, who of course dominate the discourse and results, the bankers, the wealthy elites etc)

the target? you and me, for what purpose? to worship this beast of course as the scriptures show. why do they want you to worship them? so you will slave for them for free thats why. they want you to be a human resource they can use at will for whatever purpose suits them regardless of it’s affects on you or the enviroment.

so what is the end of it all? revelation 17:15-17 Jehovah will put it into the hearts of those running the show, whoever they are to do a job for Jehovah and why not? they have reproached him blamed him for the suffering they themselves have caused, (I mean really, can you blame God for the 50 million killed under mao of china, or russia under stalin and lenin between them murdering 100 million? he didnt make them do that they did it on their own)so he will force them to do something they will later regret, and that is turn on babylon the great that rides the scarlet colored beast (united nations), why? who is this babylon? why based on the description she is false relgion, the clergy of christendom/and christendom being a dominate part. their belief system is based on the original babylon, started by nimrod who was a psychopathic creep who was only interested in being worshipped.

This Jehovah puts it into their hearts ot not only unify against babylon the great but to actually give up their soverignty to the united nations so he can eventually wipe out the wicked in one clean swoop. they will give their power to the un under the impression they are doing it by their own will but jehovah will be leading them. this my friend, the turning on false religion and a special proclamation of peace and security (which we aer not sure will consist of) is the start of this great tribulation, Gods judgement on wicked mankind. this is why it is called a great tribulation because it will entail the whole earth all at one time and all institutions, organizatons, military, etc will not save mankind (these referred in the bible as islands and the earth and the cry for the rocks to cover them over) they might even try to hide in literal caves as well. so hang in there it will be a bumpy ride honey. by the way wondering about the rock in dan 2:44? that is God’s kingdom destroying all facets of man rulership to where not even remnants of them or their ideas will exist anymore they will be forgotten by the survivers.

so my question to you is are you going to be one of the survivors? how can we know? well jesus said in john 17:3 this means ever lasting life their taking in knowledge of you one  true God and the one whom you sent forth jesus christ. so taking in knowledge found the bible is a good place to start in fact I recommend you go to and get all kinds of information on any subject you can think of. there are publications you can download, there is a bible on line to read or download, I put the bible on my hubby’s mp3 player so he can listen while he drives the truck. so check it out,

hope this was not to complicated, no one can get it all in one day i have been studying the bible for many years now. so I have a pretty good handle on this subject tho I still have gaps in my understanding. so hang in there this miserable existance won’t be lasting to much longer, Thanks to Jehovah.

he speaks truth, he made me cry, he is right blood shed never leads to peace, self defense is okay but not blood shed based on lies and imperialism and profit.

After his Image

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negative and positive rights? agenda 21 connection?

i was just reading some articles on negative and positive rights, now I am not sure if I understand it correctly, so if anyone of you understands it better please tell me.

when I heard the expression negative rights, I was abit taken  back because the word negative has a, well, a negative connotation. so what is it? it basically says leave others alone, do not do anything to them or their stuff without their consent.

postive rights seem pretty good, I mean who does’t like positive? this has a nice ring to it. but what is the darkness that it brings that many do not realize because they take things at face value. So what can be so bad about positive rights, right? well remember negative rights? do not do to someone without their consent? well positive rights try to get around that part of consent. remember in the constitution it says no involuntary servitude? well they have tried and succeeded in getting around that too.

how? well if you have a right to food, housing and clothing and medical care (and your unable to get it yourself under the situation you are in) positive rights put the duty on others to provide it whether they can afford it or not whether they consent to it or not. this is the involuntary servitude I mentioned. Taxes ring a bell? what exactly is their justifcation? isn’t it to pay for these positive rights? well they don’t say it that way they call it welfare and helping the disabled the poor and the homeless you get the picture.

how about we take it a step furthur, what if homeless people are decreed to have a right to housing, and the government has no funds, well they claim they don’t, liars they are, how do you suppose they are going to enforce that right? well will they not force you to house these people in your own homes? is that not the defintion of violating a negative right and involuntary servitude? what if you have no room? what if the persons lifestyle is bad, or they are dangerous to you? what if you can’t afford another mouth to feed then what? will they not say it is your duty to provide these rights to that person or persons which entails food rationing now, where your kids will now have to eat less?

Lets say your a doctor, your duty will then to provide medical care to someone who has no money and the state claims has no funds, how do you suppose they plan on enforcing the persons right to medical care? won’t they force that doctor and nurses and hospital to provide it at a financial loss? is that not involuntary servitude and theft? so are these human rights really about compassion and justice? or is it about destroying prosperity, degrading the human experience and weakening family bonds, and creating resentments, anger, depression and subjugating people to a state of utter misery?

And what about the global community cry I hear all the time, that we are all a global family, let me ask you does that translate into you having a duty to treat all others as your family? are humans really capable of forming emotional attachements to thousands of others? is it even humanly possible to do such a thing? does that mean you now cannot treat your own family any different then others? so does that mean you and I are now obligated to neglect our families to service the needs of others at our own expense while our families suffer hunger and deprivation in order to fulfill your “duty”?

Is this not what they tried to do in former commuist russia? China? did it actually solve the problems of inequality, poverty, crime, violence, poor mental and physical health, and create  human happiness and a technological boom and increase in standard of living for everyone, because now everyone was obligated to help everyone else out and now these things should now be a thing of the past? what does the record show.

Are the policy makers in washington, the united nations aware of this? of course they are. that is why they are doing it. haven’t you heard? poor people are easier to control. and cheaper to, as scarce resouces increase the price you must pay to get them so they can get more production out of you, whatever that entails with little expense from them. but they can’t come out and say that, wow, people would be in on the game, no they have to make you feel guilty(shame you culture) for having properity, property rights and the like and enjoying the fruits of your labors, so you will concede to these positive rights, right now mostly in the form of regulator takings and taxes.They blame the property holders for the plight of the poor as if you went out and stole their house from them, or their food. I mean how do you become guilty over something you have no power to do good or bad over another? the reality is it is not because your guilty of any wrongdoing it is just your a threat to their agenda 21 goal, this is just human cattle farming period.

the cattle must be fed, given health care, and housing, and clean surroundings to maximize profits, but how do you avoid all the liability from it? why you make the cattle take care of the other cattle and take on the liability themselves. with me so far? national health care ring a bell? welfare? disability? you see where I am going with this, agenda 21 is basically just a socilizing of liabilities of human resource farming while taking all the profits for yourself. this is just another form of serfdom, slavery, or whatever you want to call it, it is simply a different route.

so this rhertoric of caring legislations is another lie coming out of the united nations and washington. it si simply harvesting the herd. ever seen that twilight episode “to serve man”? I just watched that, (while the aliens were more fair and humane then modern farmers.)they gave the humans everything they needed to prosper, avoid war, end disease, hunger the world over, and when asked why they wanted to do it they said they wanted to help out man to have what they themselves enjoyed on their planet. but was it true?

The reality was quite different, after they had been tricked to go to their planet, it turned out there was a hidden agenda of the aliens (didn’t your momma teach you that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is?) they simply wanted to make humans happier and healthier so they can harvest them for food. it was about human resource farming. now the farmers of today have no interest in making you happy or healtheir or give you technology like the aliens did so they can have cheap energy and the like, they just want to keep you just fit enough to work but not so fit you can run away or fight back or challenge their monopoly on power, money or weatlh creation and enjoyment. they want to force your right to have a home by putting you into slave labor camps, called sustainable commnities or smart growh development, where you cannot leave, where you cannot complain (because they probably will turn you into soylent green)and because if you have no job you have no life. they will be able to ration your food, medical care, which will end up being minimal, and have to endure company with creepy people you don’t like. every aspect of life will be controlled for the benefit of the farmers. you will thus be in a worse condition then animals were before the human socieity came along. only there will be no humane society for humans at all.

hopefully Jehovah will not let it go that far before he steps in and triggors the great tribulation. but they are trying very hard to implemnt this even tho there are alot of road blocks to overcome.

so welcome to the 21st century of agenda 21. hope you enjoy your stay. you can check in but you cannot check out.


religion and science

hi there friends, readers, children and anyone who wants to read this, welcome again to another exciting adventure in wonderland.  Just kidding, I was thinking a few moments ago something that intrigues me. you know people try to use science to prove (among other things that are good in themselves)that God does’t exist, an alternative to how we got here, where are we going, what the purpose of life is, why we die (compared to a sequoira that lives thousands and a turtle that can live 200 years) how our minds work, what is the best way to solve various problems, like health, what is moral what is not, I refer to the series’ what is the right thing to do” at harvard university which can be found on youtube.

now I watched some of that and I was amazed by something. religion, belief in god, a moral satandard set by god, physical laws, etc, is touted as out dated, not scientific, based on superstition and the like. now may I be frank, frank? just kidding, does anyone find this odd? why do I ask? well think about it what is religion? according to the dictionary it is a set of beliefs (in a nutshell) that one advocates and lives by, now man has questions and seeks answers, and wants to know how to solve everyday problems of life we all deal with no matter what generation we are living now or in the past. what sorta laws should we have, what is justice, what is truth, what is solution to economic problems and social and enviromental problems that sorta thing.

now lets compare science, what does science want? doesnt it want answers to the same questions and problems? does it not try to seek answers apart from the spiritual realm? how do they arrive at their conclusions on matters? don’t they first of all test a hypothesis, see what happens and interpret it the best way they know how? dont they confer with other science researchers too to get more ideas on how to interpret results?  don’t they sometimes come to the table already with their belief (religion) with the intention for the most part to find answers in harmony with that belief? example would be, global warming, many scienctis already have their hypothesis and really believe the conclusion will fit their agenda? so do not those who stick to the belief of global warming caused by co2 despite evidence to the contrary being religious? and if you have evidence both ways and one group is advocating one conclusion and another something oppisite and debating about it, does’t that enter the realm of religious dogma then instead of so called true science?

so when they come to a conclusion, is that not a religion? think about it, how do they know the conclusion is correct? how do they know there are no more factors they have not considered yet, example, they study the sun and it is a impressive star (tho a medium star by star standards)and understand alot about magnetics, and hydrogen and helium properties and nuclear fusion and all that  neato stuff, but doesn’t it stop being science and become a religious belief when they start predicting the future of what will happen to the sun and planet earth millions of years in advance? wouldnt we catagorize that as acting as a prophet (a religious realm) rather than so called nonreligious science?

And when they start studying global warming, dont they enter the realm of prophets again when they say what will happen to the earth s climate in decades from now? is that not a religion? is not religion what we call  when people who look for future events who want to understand the world around them? And doesn’t science (whether economic science, physical science, political science  even philosphy, etc) try to figure out what is moral correct, what is just and what laws should be made and followed? is morality and justice the realm of religion? doesn’t religion answer those questions too?

how about man’s interpertation of time and events in the earths’ very long past? is that not entering the realm of religious beliefs when they have to figure out time lines for events, guess what destroyed the dinosaurs, how long life has been here, how the earth was formed what order all things came about and why some went extinct, when they treat their conclusions as fact (I refer to a documentary I just watched, raging planet, or planet earth, can’t remember I believe it was a national geographic series) they spoke in that video series the conclusion they had about how the continents moved, how the planet formed that sorta thing, treating it as fact. how can they really know for sure? is that not based on their interepretations of what evidence they have?

so what happens in religion? well did not people in the past view their enviroment, see evidences of different things and based on what information they have come to conclusions too?  Did they not look at their proof after devling into what they believe was true evidence? for example, did they not learn that when they take certain plants they would have waking dreams? did they not take that evidence and confer with others to come to the conclusions that maybe this was contact with the spirit realm?

now you and I know why they saw visions, we know about many of the ways the mind works, but won’t we be considered supersititious by people in the future as they find other explanations of what was considered scientific now?  do you see where I am going with this? it is considered a scientific fact that there are mental illness that exist and needing medication to control it with their serious side affects, electro shock thearpy cruel confinement and the like, won’t people in the future consider this barbaric and supersititous when they find out that many of these conditions were just personality features (not disease at all)and nutrtional deficiencies they were unaware of in times past? dont people today consider the riturals and human and animal sacrifices as barbaric for the people in the past? would we say they at the time thought this was proper and the way to deal with problems they believed were caused by the spirit realm they believed in?

so really if religion is a belief based on evidence available to people as they understand it, is not science also a belief based on the evidence avaiable as they interpret it? are they really at odds? is it really not just how one interprets it?  we say magnetism, some say magic, we say spritural realm, we say differences in frequency, we say biological funtion of giving birth, others say miracle, some say neurotranmittors affects on the mind, others say feelings, do you see what I mean?

so don’t science and religion both depend on a continuation of searching and understanding our world and adjusting as we find evidences that show us a different understanding? basically doing research and gaining more experience that shows us what we believe is either correct or not? so doesn’t it become a problem for either religion or science when evidence is shown to contradict a past view that it is a unwillingness to adjust our thinking the actual problem rather than religion or science itself? And is the only real difference between religion and science basically one is ‘man centered ‘and the other is ‘God centered’? one says  man will solve all these problems and understand the universe, the other God will teach us and show us how to solve the problems the only real difference? you decide.


low carb update

well I figured this might not work out, I guess low carb was a bit too low? apparently it doesn’t address the underlying cause of obesity and metabolic dysfuntion, so I have been unable to stick to it, it did not address my inability to sleep through the night, it didnt decrease appetite long term, only temporary, I guess anytime you change your diet your body goes into some kind of shock or something and you lose some of your appetite. It has not help the low blood sugar symptoms I would get (remember that inner tremors I get almost constantly), and fatigue. it didn’t do anything for my hypertension either, even tho I am taking a ace inhibitor, the problem is it only reduced my pressures modestly.

so what am I doing now? I am concentrating on addresssing the underlying nutritional defiiency that makes me glucose intolerant. I have decided to take a vita supplement in massive doses, considering I spent like forever trying to deal with health issues through diet and exercise and some supplementation, it didnt work didn’t address my problems and was unable to stick to it, which tells me it did not address the underlying cause, again, so any advice by doctors or anyone else is trying to address the symptoms (overeating, poor food choices/cravings) and the subsequent weight increase does not address the underlying cause and should be discarded.

what is this vita mine and has it helped me? well I have been taking it for two weeks (you see I am afraid to tell you because it might be a fluke or the medical commnity might find out and ban it) guess what has been happening? well my sleep is getting better and better, my appetite is decreasing and that inner tremor I suffer from for so many years (try 15) has resolved, I am calm, I feel so comfortable inside it is amazing, and what else is there? I have a blood pressure moniter I have used regularly (or when curious about my numbers) shows my numbers have reduced to almost scary numbers (numbers I am not used to seeing regularly which is scarey in that sense) and you won’t believe I have been doing ti for a few days now twice a day, and my numbers are wonderful, and guess what else? my heart rate has reduced (how is this 133/72, 127/70 139/78 (after eating for last one)heart rate 70, 65, 68 72, pretty cool hum? what does my history that is recored show? 110/98,180/95, 166/88. heart rate about 80’s, despite my bp medicine, see what I mean? this is just a taste of my numbers I have my history for a couple of years of pressures saved on my moniter. so it amazed me when I scanned through the history as far as it would go.

is there any way I can tell my followers without the wrong people getting this infor they might try to discredit or get it banned by regulation or ruin the potency by reducing it.? I am taking about 25,000 iu of it, I read studies done on this amount for obese and healthy and they found no harmful affects taking it for 8 weeks.I bet you all guessed it by now. lol. does the sun give you an idea? maybe stock up on it before they do ban it, especially with codex alimintarious to be implement starting in 2014.

make sure it is 3 not 2. lol, get the gel and not the pills, anyway I am amazed at the results, never thought being deficient in one nutrient can be so devasating in one’s quality of life. wish I knew this long time ago. no wonder they don’t tell people this by doctors, that would put them and the drug companies out of business, maybe if that is the case maybe they should be put out of business if they are working  more for profit and continuation of that profit over human rights/health. they don’tdeserve to be in business in the first place, doctors have thier place but when they start to give out disinfo (and they might not be aware so are innocent bystanders themselves) then they become dangerous to us. and themselves too especially if they prescribe the same to themselves as they do us because they really believe thier treatments and understanding of diseases/illness.

so I am going to continue this for a month or two at least until the sun gets more intense and I can sunbath again, then maybe I will go down to a maintance amount. see what happens. talk about self experiement, but what else can I do? I have trusted the “experts” for most of my life it is time to discard their advice and go a different direction. and I have no where else to go.