Monthly Archives: September 2012

more photos of my hikes

more prairie trail

alnyone know what kind of plant this is?

deep lock quarry near cleveland

monroe falls metro park ohio

I have more photos but this is enough for now. pretty little butterfly my hubby got some good photos of this guy.

nice hike today

this grass is red anyone know what kind it is?

beautiful day for a hike, sunny, not hot at all, not cold either.

you didn’t build that!

check out this link.

this is funny, please don’t be too surprised people will not give credit where credit is due nor give someone the credit they deserve,  after all scientists and socialists, and doctors, and experts give evolution the credit (who is evolution anyway? is this guy someone I have met before?) for the earth and all its wonders, basically saying to Jehovah, “You Didn’t Build That!!”

so does evolution (chance with animals having enough intelligence to alter their own  dna at will as needed?) or a creator who is intelligent who made every thing according to it’s kind (Horse kind, dog kind, cat kind, bird kind, cattle kind etc)?


rainy day pictures of some plants



the first is blackeyed susan vine, finally was able to get one to grow, the second is my chicago hardy fig (its top didn’t die due to mild winter, even tho I did bury part of it with dirt), and it has little figs in the axis of the leaves, and the last is my sunflower, I planted a bunch and none survived, a bird plants one and here it is, go figure. it is really rainy here, kind of deary, but the blk eyes were so beautiful I had to take a picture. enjoy.



check this video out pretty cool”