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low carb diet

img_20160702_211329687howdy gang, well the low carb high fat diet is cuput, I am following a whole foods diet incorporating lots of veggies and fruits and coconut oil, olive oil some butter, not really measured or anything just what I am hungry for.  similar to the my plate pyramid. but I am not reducing fats on purpose or anything if I want milk I still drink even if it is 2 percent because I seem to digest it much better (no gall bladder). but it is not dominate or anything.

just started at a gym, with physical prescribed exercise, and went to a seminar about nutrtion, to help me decide what foods to eat lots of. got my prescription today.  now I dont cater to the caloire in caloire out thing. I believe the body gets fat for a different reason. because everyone is always trying to eat less or telling me to. nope not going to do it. my body will rebel, and will get fatter and make me overeat later on to gain the weight back (minus the muscle lost despite exercise) nope not going to do it. no no no. now where is this concept of deliberate restriction or counting caloires or measuring and counting helping most people to lose fat weight permenantly. not unless your a fan of being tired, fatigues, hungry and fighting back cravings to over eat on pizza or something. YOu dont see it in nature.

no where did I read in the bible that God expects us to maintain a healthy weight by dieting and restricting and counting caloires or whatnot? nope, animals do by instinct and we have instincts too that will work if we stop trying to take our weight control into our own hands or the hands of others to know what is best when our bodies know quite well. But a big but, low quality food eating all the time can derail that instinct or maybe triggors it, not sure, to conserve, slow metabolism and burn muscle us to conserve caloires despite eating alot of it.

now I have been following this a month now, and feel better and I dont have to force anything I just  make meals based on whole, natural foods (like sweet potatoes for example) whole grain rices and rice mixes, squash is good too, I have been eating butternut squash which I never had before. like it, I have several cook books I bought and they have been helping me love spices, herbs and veggies and veggie starches and such meals. yummy!!

I learned to make my own whole grain bread too. delicious.  let me just say I am finding if I try to eat junkier food I get sick. hum, think I am on to something here. lets see how it pans out. oh by the way when I went to my healh assessment thing I found I lost 11 pounds. totally unexpected that is for sure. will it continue? that is the question.