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wow, getting results already.


Hi there, wanted to share something that has intrigued me, I have been doing alot of walking latly (for some odd reason I cannot stand still) and one thing I noticed, I feel like I am standing up better (not crouched over crushing my lungs?) standing up straight was difficult I always ended up leaning a bit forward as I walk, and another thing my ankles arent hurting. they always hurt when I walk alot, my stride is more effcient I walk faster without added effort it is as if my legs are going more straight or something . it is weird,

another thing too is I find if my carb intake is below 25percent of total caloires that I wake about 4 am and can’t sleep, hypo symptoms, and I have to get up and eat something, but if I keep it around 25 percent, mostly quality starches (fruit was not cutting it for me) I sleep straight through and don’t wake until around 6 or so.

ther is really something to this s/low carb way, wish I would of done this long ago. oh yea, I am finding I lost all munchies and cravings of junky foods, even pop doesn’t appeal like it used to, it has never happened like this to me before. after 35 years of dealing with obesity and metabolic syndrome trying to follow the “experts” advice only to be dissappointed and feeling like I am a failure that it was my fault, rather I realize it is the wrong information for me,

thanks for all my followers, I don’t feel like I am typing into the wind where no one can hear me. I hope my posts are not boring.

a pretty part of trail at gorge park cuyahoga falls park. I thought the combo of rocky face and trees was pretty.

s/low carb diet update (like my new name?) combines slow and low carb.


hi there, update on my s/low carb way.  finally I am feeling good, my energy is increasing gradually since last post,  I looked in the mirror at the store today and definitly see some changes, my clothes tho always a bit big on me before are starting to hang. I have to tie my pants up tighter.  the shirts are feeling and looking a bit bigger on me then I remember, I see myself regularly in this mirror at the store as I go there regularly for the past 15 years. not sure if this is just my imagination, but I will see if any of my friends notice.

last time a perfect stranger made a comment ot me that I was losing weight.  she sees me walking my dogs all the time, today it being a bit warmer will take the puppies for a walk. if you want to see a picture of my puppies go to my face book page roberta robinson cuyahoga falls.

I do want to thank those who are interested enough in my blog to at least take a look into it and to follow it, thank you.

howdy friends

this is just an update on my low carb way, I had a few bumps a few days ago, I was having trouble with increased appetite (probably due to pms it is time you know)one day I ate way to much, I should never eat a sandwich 2 and half hours before supper, and when I do I should just drink a protein drink I ended up overeating (even tho it was mostly good food barring a few cookies I ate), I learned my lesson to just drink a protein drink small one when I am hungry and supper is two hours away. the next day my appetite did drop and I ended up eating less, maybe my body agreed with me that I ate to much. the past few days I have been okay, my cravings for ice cream have been minimal, I had some yesterday and I just took two servings per package and added my favorite natural peanut butter wow that was a delicious combination.

today I am doing well, I did wake up in the middle of the night with the jitters, ate some peanut butter, and a small protein drink with a banana, took awhile to feel better now I realize why that happened old mother natures montly gift, thanks a bunch there lady. I also had some physical activity the night before before going to bed so I guess my sugar fell during the night.

what is funny I don’t feel at fatigued like usually this time of hte month, usually for the first few days I am like don’t ask me to do anything, not this time. maybe there is something to this low carb thing after all. I was anemic there a while back and the doc told me to take 325 mg of iron for 6 months. but that has come and gone several months ago. back in august I took my last dosage of iron.

the process has been slow, I did have that sickness there for almost two weeks but I am finally feeling well. last night I also remembered I forgot my bp pill which may have contributed to my anxiety, not sure.

if any are interested I have a few videos I did called low carb dialog part one two and three. you can check it out, I also plan a fourth as I see the results of this low carb way I am doing. or maybe call it my low carb hiking trail or some other neat title, you all can give me some ideas to title my videos because not to many people are watching my videos, so I need a name change.



The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge

very cool this took some ingunity and crafty engineering.

On The Edge

If you, like me, are a lover of the Incredible Machine, you cannot miss this video. Red Bull at his maximum creativity has create the Kluge, The athlete machine! A mix of skate, bike trial, BMX,  FMX, trucks, cars,  parachuting, running, etc. in an Incredible Machine Style!
Let’s have a look!


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healing crisis

I was wondering if anyone had any insights to healing crisis when you change your diet for the better and then after a while you start to feel like you have the flu or something. I have been sickly the last 10 days, thought it was a sinu infection, then thought it might be virus, but now I am not so sure.

is there any validity to how as you heal that you release alot of toxins and stuff and if your release them faster than elimination you get nauseated, headachy, feeling of malaise, faintness? I am feeling a bit better today. yesterday I could swear a few times I would faint I felt so weak, tired and sick.

I was craving fruit today so went and got some pineapple, oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit. ate a bowl of strawberries with some pineapple tossed in and a red orange (it tastes like a cross between pink grapefruit and orange) not as sweet as oranges but mildly sweet.

but anyway I have been sticking to this lower carb/low gi mostly plant based diet for a month now and so far it has been pretty easy to stick  much better than anything esle I tried including an atkins type diet last year I did. I still have no desire to binge on any junk food which is a good sign, my desire for munchies like chips (even healthy chips) not there, my cravings have all been for real wholesome foods, this is great, no diet ever did that for me. all  past diets did was make me ravenously hungry for sweets like ice cream cake and cookies.

if anyone has any good insights on healing crisis telling it apart from say a real infection that needs medical attention would be appreaciated, I am feeling better today but still feel sickly but not faint or weak. I do have a massive past of antibiotic use due to chronic sinus infections and even a couple of bouts with broncitis over many years. in fact I have had to take antibiotics so many times I lost count long ago. so I am wondering if this malaise is due to massive microbe die off as my sugar consumption dropped dramatically.


Friday Fotos: Mother Nature’s Magic… She Sure Loves Arizona!

Friday Fotos: Mother Nature’s Magic… She Sure Loves Arizona!.

paleo vs primal vs vegetarian diets

watched this video today, this guy presented a very logical arguement against high meat low carb diets some call paleo or primal, he was concise, used examples we could see for ourselves, showed the evidence as he had access too, and the manner he did it was very respectful.

I am inclined to think he is right, I did the atkins diets, low fat diets low carb diets (this one I did the most often, I mean it made sense at the time caloire in caloire out myth). he was showing how vegetarians diets do not make you weak, sick or unatheltic.  he reminded us to look at the results, examples and not the theory.

let’s say for the sake of discussion that we evolved from apes or monkeys. I don’t know about you but I don’t remember seeing documentaries showing these animals were big meat eaters. Have you? in fact the chimps only ate meat occassionally, including the baboons too, and apes eat only vegetation. And when some of these animals do eat them I don’t remember them worrying about any ethical treatment of their prey, in fact I seen many videos of them actually eating their prey alive. The screams of pain were heart wrenching for me to watch.

Anyway I thought  I would just throw that out.  As for eating meat raw as some try to do, this is totally disgusting.  Even God’s chosen people ate their food cooked, especially over an open pit.  Even jacob was cooking the meat in an open pot that esau sold is birthright for. So man has always cooked his food. There must be a reason that tradition started, I guess raw meat was just too bloody and aweful tasting to eat. Though once I read that they were so famished from hunger they were eating the quail raw without bleeding it first (and this incurred God’s anger, eating the blood not eating the meat)so maybe some did so when desperate for food.

While I cant go totally animal product free I have been keeping it down to around 10 or so percent of my total caloires and concentrating on plant foods. so far so good.  just a side note, a friend of mine did the atkins several years ago and lost like 45 pounds, I would say a year or so later he did from sudden cardiac arrest. He just sat down after being with friends for the day on his vacation, and he just died right there, no mess, no fuss, just gone with the snap of your fingers. Did the diet have anything to do with it? don’t know. you tell me. I haven’t a clue.



emotion vs logic

I am intrigued by all the videos on youtube where people who want to share their ideas and beliefs and why don’t really know much about how to do so in persuasive way. while it is nice to share your views and life stories and the like, people respond better to appeal to their intellect then their emotions. I have learned through bitter experience there is a right and wrong way to approach people with a differing opioion or perspective on life experiences.

if you want to share a differing opinion with the intent to educate or persuade others to your side of the issue, then you need to do so in logical way. you need to present the evidence, the data you use to come to your conclusions. example, I was watching videos on meat eaters vs vegans, and I find it a little disturbing so say the least, it seems the discussion focus more on mud slinging and religious dogma or even personal opinion that has no bearing in science/fact/data/life experiences.

ambiguous and head slapping doesn’t persuade, it only infuriates, it only closes minds. I am amazed how opinions are treated as facts. example, while it is true producing meat does use a lot of water, as was pointed out, they fail to mention why that is bad. why is using water to grow a pound of veggies is better than one pound of meat, and I was unaware we had a water shortage in the usa. maybe in other countries that might be a problem, but here we get amble rainfall in most places (except I am aware of the middle of the country).

And they fail to show the scientific data that water use is unsustainable for meat production or how crop production is more sustainable, considering all that is involved. They fail to explain how we will grow food in low water areas like the plains states, semi deserts and the like? Or how we can farm areas where crops will just not grow due to poor soil quality and lower water tables/rainfall? Or how we will be able to eat the tough grasses in these areas that do grow that only cattle and sheep can digest?

what is needed is good scientific data on this, taking consideration all the factors of what where when how why. the why is most important of all, why is water scarce? development? drought? diversion? naturally low water areas? how many nutrtious and caloire dense foods can we grow in say n dakota, wyoming, arizona, texas, ohio, pennslyvania and at what costs for fuel, storage and transport? How many chemicals will be needed, such factors must be considered in ones arguement to persuade another to your side of an issue.

You cant persuade people to change their minds if you are hitting them over the head with a stick. using emotional appeals, guilt trips, ambiguous statements, only worsens your position. you must be specific in your arguements. Stick to what facts you do know as facts.

I find the throwing around of words like sustainable and unsustainable a little disconcerting. these words are propaganda terms, they can mean whatever your audience understands them to be. You must be specific why are ski lodges unsustainable? meat production? economic progress? technological advancement? pastures? energy production? commercial fishing? what changes can be made to make them sustainable(or less damaging to the enviroment?) rather than banning them altogether?

when you present your facts as you know them, don’t just focus on one possible solution to a problem, offer many, example, if commerical fishing is unsustainable because of _______ then we can do this_____ to make it more sustainable. If treadging is destroying non targetted species do we ban treadging? do we ban selling of fish? regulate it heavily? require a limite on catches? what will be the consequences of such decisions to the oceans, fishermen, customers, middle men who process the fish, fish stocks, how will this affect prices, viability of the oceans or prevent unwarranted fishing. why are we sure that oceans are being overfished, what are the facts that are available?

  too often propagandists (appeal to emotion rather than logic)offer only one solution that doesn’t really solve the problem but push an agenda that is not about the issue at all, but just a foot in the door. cap and trade is an example, how will that solve the climate problem? do we even have a climate problem? if we do could we do better by using all that money in the hands of technitions and entrapraners to find better ways to make and use energy rather than fill the pockets of the rich speculators and investors who do not produce anything of value? Does the climate even need to be corrected? how do they know that a warmer earth is a more hostile earth? what are the facts, evidence? does anyone here want a colder earth? why is the solution presented the best one? are there other options too? if you present your arguements in such a manner you will get a better reception and more likly persuade others to at least consider your point of view.

so when you present an arguement don’t use threats of violence in all it’s form, or attack the person, rather present the evidence, facts etc and show why. why is it bad, good, why will it do that, how do you know? why should we do as you say? remember if your arguement is bogus then it will be found out, and your credibility will be gone and no one will believe you when you are telling the truth, remember the boy who cried wolf. and remember don’t use the sky is falling method either.




my chocolate cake experiment

it didnt look all that great at first until I got it altogether. it taste way better than it looks. drooling yet?lol

low carb chocolate cake

1 cup black beans smashed up, 3/4 cup quinoa flour, 1/2 regular flour, 1/2 cup soften coconut oil,  1/2 cup of coconut crumbs unsweetened, 1/2 cup softened butter, vanilla extract, 4 eggs, I creamed the 1 cup (truvia)sugar and oil/butter first for a while, like 5 minuts, then I added the eggs one at a time, beat until blended, then I incorporated the 1 cup of milk and flour mixture (adding of course the cocoa powder, 1/4 cup) alternately until the batter was smooth, my cakes cooked at 350 for 20 minutes after preheat, my cakes also came out a little lopsided simply because my floor is not level under the stove..  but it tasted way better than it looked I hope my hubby loves it, he was craving chocolate cake.

caloires, each slice about 700 caloires and 80 caloires of that is from carbs. I did count the caloires of truvia because it has caloires despite the label on the front. most is from the fats of the oils, cream cheese icing, sour cream, in the icing, and some is protein with fats as well, the eggs, quinoa,black beans.


my low carbing diet

so far so good, last time I did an atkins type diet it was hard to stick too even in the beginning (carb cravings you know). this diet being what some call eco atkins is working out better than I thought. I guess what it really is is a low gi/low carb diet, considering low gi is basically the same thing only works differently. this diet controls how much sugar is entering into your blood all at once, people don’t realize you need some glucose you only run into problems if your nutrient status is to low to handle the oxidation and handling of such a violatile substance, I like to refer to glucose as gasoline, fructose as to rocket fuel, and fat as a slow burning log.

dr covert bailey a biochemist (guess he is also a doctor?) anyway he said this is how sugar and fat work together, the sugar acts like the spark or match and your fat acts as the log in a fireplace, without adequate sugar  you cannot burn fat very well, atkins diets work for some because the protein is converted to glucose but that takes time for the body to adapt, the problem is if you do not eat adequate phytochemicals, nutrients, vita min etc, you slow down fat burning, cause free radical and metabolic damage the body is unable to handle well, many of these nutrients are hard to get in veggies because you have to eat so much of it, and lets not forget the message to our bodies if they are very thrifty that the food enviroment is not optimal (otherwise why arnt you eating fruits, grains and seeds and their derivatives?) which can send the it is winter message which we dont’ want to send.

metabolizing alot of protein has its own toxins to deal with, but I am thinking if you can get enough protein in plant foods that would help, not sure, and still eat alot of plant low carb foods like fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, (especially right off the tree) and some whole grains or whole grain like foods, like buckwheat, almond flour, or quinoa and maybe even coconut flour or similar that would provide alot of nutrients to handle the toxins of metabolising animal proteins. you dont’ have to eat these low carb high quality carbs all in one sitting, I would think if you can space them out it would prevent the highs and lows and stress response by the body releasing cortisol and adrenalin which sends the wrong message to your body.

well anyway my next experinment is to make a low carb high quality chocolate cake, with cream cheese icing.  so far I am finding it amazing that you can eat your favorite desserts without causing your body problmes with high sugar (carb) and low nutrient foods by subsitutions.

if it comes out really good I will post a picture of it so I can make people drool. lol