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hurricane storm

Hi gang, have not been on here awhile, for several months I was very sick, as per my last post about anxiety surges and sugar, I came to realize it was more to it then that, I had anxiety and depression, fatigue you just would not believe.  in fact I was so puzzled by how I felt, I went to the doctor to find out what is up with this well things got so bad I was actually suicidal, that is how bad it was. I seriously was completating suicide to escape this misery. it went on for almost four months. The doctor told me this was the change of life, I cannot believe the change of life (menopausal) could be so horrible!!!! Well I am better now that I realized what it was, everything calmed down, I thought it would never be over the anxiety, depression the extreme  fatigue and loss of appetite or I was just to tired to eat sometimes,

in fact I would wake up the next day and had no desire to get out of bed I dreaded the fatigue and inability to take naps during the day from the severe fatigue depression and anxiety. I dreaded dealing with it. But that is over thank goodness the doctor put me on a antidepressant, it was such a low dose I thought why not.

I wont even talk about the hot flashes in the middle of the night.  this was the least of my suffering compared to the other stuff. Anyway if you ever feel like this go see a doctor don’t try to go it alone. if your so miserable and suicidal go get help. they can find out what is wrong and help you cope better.

This is my rant/post for now. And yes it felt like I was being carried along by a hurricane storm too. totally horrible is a understatement.IMG_20170702_131231444