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high insulin and adrenalin, axis of evil

newstuff 1049howdy powdies, here I am again, I have been around dealing with health issues, and trying to address them. here it is so far, first I did reduced carb diet, in December, got sick for 3 weeks in  January, okay in feburary, I managed to comfortably for the most part, keeping carbs around 200 sometimes I stayed under with little difficulty sometimes I went over a little, but all in all I have been sticking to it.

And before you pat me on the back willpower has little to do with it, I am not as in control as I thought. Anyhow, about a week or so ago, I had one of my middle of the night anxiety attacks out of the blue, rough night, the next day realized I have a cold or sinus infection, again, went to the doctor he said possibly a virus, but call if not better within five days, so I did, antibotics, yuck again. I decided to add some changes to my diet, reduce milk consumption which lowering my carb I have been getting a lot of my protein (since I don’t like a lot of meat and hate all that cooking). I read that it has a high insulin index.

nothing like raising your insulin without enough glucose in there to buffer the reactions and avoiding the adrenaline surges from hell.  (I also then remembered anytime I get female hormone shifts I get these attacks and get sick too). I was suffering for several days feelings of anxiety and dread throughout the day, not understanding what is going on.

Just controlling my thoughts and breathing did little. I felt kind of trapped, okay I felt very trapped in a surge of anxiety I couldn’t control with my thoughts and breathing and refocusing on something else. I hate taking medications for stuff like this rather get on with finding the underlying cause get it taken care of and move on.

well all in all these surges of adrenalin, I realized from past research, is how the body counteracts high insulin, it is a antagonist. high insulin means little fat and sugar in blood to fuel the brain which is resistant to normal amounts of glucose (hence hyperglycemia temporarily) I liken it to a beach where the waves come in surge over the embankment and fill in the little low lying area behind the embarkment, the waves subside and the water eventually drains out of the little pond.

Then of couse once it dries you need another surge of ocean wave to get over the embankment and the process continues. I liken this to the sugar in our blood when in normal range, is not enough to overcome the blood brain barrier in sufficient amounts to give the brain fuel, in comes adrenaline and cortisol to raise the sugar above normal to get that sugar critter in there.

this roller coaster ride is literally a living hell, if I may use that expression. don’t know what other word to use to convey how horrible it is. But I found this to be the case when I feel anxiety or a feeling of weirdness, or that sensation like I want to cry (depression) I eat some fruit.

do you know those feelings and adrenalin go away? this hs been a repeated process over the years I noticed. when I feel lousy eat.  I told my doctor this, (he just did a physical my readings as for fasting is 98 for blood sugar, 215 for triglycerides (it went down) and over all cholesterol went down, still on high side, hdl is up, ldl is down but still in  high range but almost borderline.) he just shrugged it and had nothing to say, just looked at me, like hum.

so all along I  have been having psuedohypoglcymia, my sugars are in  normal range but my brain is not getting enough of it at those levels you need a surge, unless you can get insulin resistance to reduce get those insulin levels down, get the cells to respond properly again.

so here I sit writing this to let you all know, maybe your hypoglcymic, and don’t know it, doctors only look at numbers they still don’t understand fully how our bodies work, so it is best ot not rely on them fully for your health care. do your research, experiement, see what helps you. For many keto diets or borderline seem to help reverse insulin resistance (it also means you stop eating all that junk which itself can  help reverse this roller coaster from hell.

And of course for those of us who have a history of heavy antibiotic use this is crucial as fungus overgrowth can also causes symtpoms like this too as it is eating the sugar meant for the brain. but reducing sugar supplementing with sulfer products like alpha lipoic acid, or iron sulfate or Epsom salts (soaking not eating) and multi vitamin or vitad3,  cinnamon, all of these are antifungal, probiotics too., turmeric is good, anything that it itself is antifungus helps. by the way fruit is okay sure it has sugar but it also has chemicals in there that fungus hate.

The best fruits seem to be apples, grapefruits and other tropical fruits which has to defend itself against fungus being in a humid climate like the tropics. I found that apples really do me good. also grapefruits. I found that the anxiety has subsided sleep has improved (except I pulled my back felt so good did some cleaning and because I was dehydrated from the diarrhea of the antibiotic) in comes the advil. yikes I took to much. anyway all is settled down, today my back is healing I am sleeping better. last night has a mild reaction couldn’t get back to sleep for a little while, I should never drink anything with milk again before bed, so I wont. I do okay if I do so in the morning then don’t drink anymore during the day. I keep it around 1 or 2 cups per day, yesterday I think I went over that.

so I hope this all helps someone out there, I hate these roller coaster rides and if I can help just one person over come them permenatly, my efforts at sitting here typing with my back protesting this chair it was well worth it.

xiexie, tian, you hao.  (thank you and have a good day)