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more plants/flowers

beautifulhotmuggyday 001

wild honey suckle everywhere smells wonderful all summer long

beautifulhotmuggyday 091

beautifulhotmuggyday 092

beautifulhotmuggyday 094

my hollyhocks, beautiful no?

beautifulhotmuggyday 073

beautifulhotmuggyday 075

beautifulhotmuggyday 086

beautifulhotmuggyday 088

elephant ears, this last one seems to be stunted for some reason

beautifulhotmuggyday 131

beautifulhotmuggyday 132

beautifulhotmuggyday 137

my orange rose didn’t get much die back this past couple of years so is finally getting some height.

beautifulhotmuggyday 100 beautifulhotmuggyday 096my fairy rose

beautifulhotmuggyday 119

horse I bought at the thrift long time ago, this metal bowl (which has a nice design in it but is covered here) I bought just recently at the thrift and most of the shells I got at the beach except for some of the really large ones which I got at the thrift, makes me think of the wild ponies at the outer banks.

beautifulhotmuggyday 102

I really like this annual I bought and plan on keeping it in the house

over winter.

well that is it for now enjoy

more roses and questions

rosesinfullbloom 004

rosesinfullbloom 021

take a look at the fence panels, this rose you can tell by the extended canes (just grew this past month) it wants to climb, so rather than have to take all the canes out of the panels, (they would probably break if I did) what kind of apparatus can I use to let them climbe? i was thinking of a metal arch that would go on the sides of the panels and extend way up like a rainbow and over to the other side, but what would I use to give it climbing help? what if I use fishing line? now a arbor that has a side and extended top to the other end would work except it is expensive, any suggestions? I can’t take them out of the panels as they willprobably break off alot of the ends of the canes and I like the fence, is there any ideas of what I can make or buy that would work? thanks.all your gardeners and carpenters and such put your thinking caps on andhelp me help this rose.

rosesinfullbloom 053

any suggestions to make this better? changes, add take away? the plants on the edges are hortutunia, I love these, should I add a fence change the hanging plants moving them? the big bush at the top is a crepe myrtel, the plant in the middle is a golden honeysuckle, the little bushy one is a crepe myrtle, the catci is pear,the little scrubby plant on the left is a rose I transplanted here,

rosesinfullbloom 051

now what adjustments can go here? does anyone know why this rugosa (which looks like a tree rose) on the left there has bare stems? the one in the back is more leafed on it’s canes, the trellis is temporary for the morning glories but right in front of that a topaz jewel is going there, (yellow rugosa) should I lose the fence or change it, shall I move the hanging plants and put something else there like a statue or maybe a water feature? I seen those beautiful lilies at the naturleum and seen those lilies at the garden centere and I am thinking humm might just make a minature pond (maybe using a cereamic pot with no holes in it and fill with muck, water and plants? what say you? should I put plants or some hardscape behind the plants next ot the hallway/garage section? give me some ideas that won’t break the bank or evensometihng I can build ormake myself? is there something I can do with adding tall plants or hard scape to the varigated grass and snow on the mountain plants? maybe put a hanging planter there that is shorter thna the ones I have?  what can I do to make the window look bettr or hide parts of it? would a five foot lighthouse on a petastl which will be hidden by the plants work behind the plants in the corner of the garage/hallway work? thanks in advance



revisited naturelum

naturealumandothersjune 009

naturealumandothersjune 001

naturealumandothersjune 004

naturealumandothersjune 011

red bud with seed pods?

naturealumandothersjune 017

bush id?

naturealumandothersjune 019

yellow sweet clover

naturealumandothersjune 022


naturealumandothersjune 024

iris in a small pondish puddle?

naturealumandothersjune 045

naturealumandothersjune 050

pretty japenese lilac. see them along the roads alot too.

naturealumandothersjune 160

naturealumandothersjune 165

naturealumandothersjune 169

naturealumandothersjune 129

water lilies and pastere rose

naturealumandothersjune 117

chestnut oak

naturealumandothersjune 059

naturealumandothersjune 061

weeping siberian peatree

naturealumandothersjune 083

ginko biloba

naturealumandothersjune 071

naturealumandothersjune 072

naturealumandothersjune 073

moonseed vine,

naturealumandothersjune 080


naturealumandothersjune 101

naturealumandothersjune 097

dont know name of these white wild flowers,


my roses


naturealumandothersjune 186

naturealumandothersjune 187

naturealumandothersjune 188

my new dawn looks really good despite getting the crap beat out of it by the heavy rains we got. when it is cool out they are more pink when it gets really hot they go white.

naturealumandothersjune 176

look almost like old garden roses that the flowers hang over, it was the stupid rain that beat them into submission.

naturealumandothersjune 177

my blaze starting to bloom, yippy, looks like the rain didnt beat them up.

naturealumandothersjune 179

my pink buttons rose (actually fairy rose) hasnt bloomed yet tho it has tons of buds on them.

hope you enjoy these like I am enjoying them,

Agenda 21 Revealed in St. Louis — A Startling Revelation of Who’s Behind Agenda 21

nimrods ideas being reimplemented he wanted to build cities too where he could control the population (no doubt for his own enrichment) when jehovah said to spread out abroad, man needs open space and private space for his spritural and physical needs. this agenda 21 is just a means to an end,

quail hollow state park ohio

quailhollowstatepark 045quailhollowstatepark 030

quailhollowstatepark 033

beautiful peonys no?

quailhollowstatepark 035


quailhollowstatepark 047

some type of mint, lavender perhaps?

quailhollowstatepark 040

sea hollies waiting to bloom

quailhollowstatepark 042

flower is ?

quailhollowstatepark 053

pretty blue misty like flowers, name ?

quailhollowstatepark 052

flowers are ?

quailhollowstatepark 057

some type of yellow sedum?

quailhollowstatepark 072

interesting bark on this tree some type of cherry not sure.

quailhollowstatepark 077

the trail ahead

quailhollowstatepark 068

the trails sign, we walked the conifer, peatland, some parts of another not sure, we went off the trail a couple of times, and the paved. my ankles and feet hurt and I got a bit tired. the weather was perfect not to hot/cold, pretty greenery and birds were singing a cat bird was really singing very pretty.

quailhollowstatepark 074

quailhollowstatepark 073

quailhollowstatepark 079

some canopy shots,

quailhollowstatepark 084

quailhollowstatepark 083

some beautiful ferns in the woods,

quailhollowstatepark 058

beautiful red poppy,


would of gotten alot more pictures but my battery was dying on me. hope you all enjoy, my roses are starting to flush alot of color in a few days I will be taking shots of them at full flush, which is their most glorious attire they can achieve. yea.