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more plants/flowers

beautifulhotmuggyday 001

wild honey suckle everywhere smells wonderful all summer long

beautifulhotmuggyday 091

beautifulhotmuggyday 092

beautifulhotmuggyday 094

my hollyhocks, beautiful no?

beautifulhotmuggyday 073

beautifulhotmuggyday 075

beautifulhotmuggyday 086

beautifulhotmuggyday 088

elephant ears, this last one seems to be stunted for some reason

beautifulhotmuggyday 131

beautifulhotmuggyday 132

beautifulhotmuggyday 137

my orange rose didn’t get much die back this past couple of years so is finally getting some height.

beautifulhotmuggyday 100 beautifulhotmuggyday 096my fairy rose

beautifulhotmuggyday 119

horse I bought at the thrift long time ago, this metal bowl (which has a nice design in it but is covered here) I bought just recently at the thrift and most of the shells I got at the beach except for some of the really large ones which I got at the thrift, makes me think of the wild ponies at the outer banks.

beautifulhotmuggyday 102

I really like this annual I bought and plan on keeping it in the house

over winter.

well that is it for now enjoy