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quail hollow state park ohio

quailhollowstatepark 045quailhollowstatepark 030

quailhollowstatepark 033

beautiful peonys no?

quailhollowstatepark 035


quailhollowstatepark 047

some type of mint, lavender perhaps?

quailhollowstatepark 040

sea hollies waiting to bloom

quailhollowstatepark 042

flower is ?

quailhollowstatepark 053

pretty blue misty like flowers, name ?

quailhollowstatepark 052

flowers are ?

quailhollowstatepark 057

some type of yellow sedum?

quailhollowstatepark 072

interesting bark on this tree some type of cherry not sure.

quailhollowstatepark 077

the trail ahead

quailhollowstatepark 068

the trails sign, we walked the conifer, peatland, some parts of another not sure, we went off the trail a couple of times, and the paved. my ankles and feet hurt and I got a bit tired. the weather was perfect not to hot/cold, pretty greenery and birds were singing a cat bird was really singing very pretty.

quailhollowstatepark 074

quailhollowstatepark 073

quailhollowstatepark 079

some canopy shots,

quailhollowstatepark 084

quailhollowstatepark 083

some beautiful ferns in the woods,

quailhollowstatepark 058

beautiful red poppy,


would of gotten alot more pictures but my battery was dying on me. hope you all enjoy, my roses are starting to flush alot of color in a few days I will be taking shots of them at full flush, which is their most glorious attire they can achieve. yea.