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healing crisis

I was wondering if anyone had any insights to healing crisis when you change your diet for the better and then after a while you start to feel like you have the flu or something. I have been sickly the last 10 days, thought it was a sinu infection, then thought it might be virus, but now I am not so sure.

is there any validity to how as you heal that you release alot of toxins and stuff and if your release them faster than elimination you get nauseated, headachy, feeling of malaise, faintness? I am feeling a bit better today. yesterday I could swear a few times I would faint I felt so weak, tired and sick.

I was craving fruit today so went and got some pineapple, oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit. ate a bowl of strawberries with some pineapple tossed in and a red orange (it tastes like a cross between pink grapefruit and orange) not as sweet as oranges but mildly sweet.

but anyway I have been sticking to this lower carb/low gi mostly plant based diet for a month now and so far it has been pretty easy to stickĀ  much better than anything esle I tried including an atkins type diet last year I did. I still have no desire to binge on any junk food which is a good sign, my desire for munchies like chips (even healthy chips) not there, my cravings have all been for real wholesome foods, this is great, no diet ever did that for me. allĀ  past diets did was make me ravenously hungry for sweets like ice cream cake and cookies.

if anyone has any good insights on healing crisis telling it apart from say a real infection that needs medical attention would be appreaciated, I am feeling better today but still feel sickly but not faint or weak. I do have a massive past of antibiotic use due to chronic sinus infections and even a couple of bouts with broncitis over many years. in fact I have had to take antibiotics so many times I lost count long ago. so I am wondering if this malaise is due to massive microbe die off as my sugar consumption dropped dramatically.