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my chocolate cake experiment

it didnt look all that great at first until I got it altogether. it taste way better than it looks. drooling yet?lol

low carb chocolate cake

1 cup black beans smashed up, 3/4 cup quinoa flour, 1/2 regular flour, 1/2 cup soften coconut oil,  1/2 cup of coconut crumbs unsweetened, 1/2 cup softened butter, vanilla extract, 4 eggs, I creamed the 1 cup (truvia)sugar and oil/butter first for a while, like 5 minuts, then I added the eggs one at a time, beat until blended, then I incorporated the 1 cup of milk and flour mixture (adding of course the cocoa powder, 1/4 cup) alternately until the batter was smooth, my cakes cooked at 350 for 20 minutes after preheat, my cakes also came out a little lopsided simply because my floor is not level under the stove..  but it tasted way better than it looked I hope my hubby loves it, he was craving chocolate cake.

caloires, each slice about 700 caloires and 80 caloires of that is from carbs. I did count the caloires of truvia because it has caloires despite the label on the front. most is from the fats of the oils, cream cheese icing, sour cream, in the icing, and some is protein with fats as well, the eggs, quinoa,black beans.


juicer product reveiw

I have had this juicer for several years now,a great little machine, it does clean up really easy like they said, it really juices really well the blade is holding up well, and in fact used it today, really nice,you need to peel citrus, pineapples the really thick and hard skins other than that only takes a few minutes to get the veggies and fruits ready. with me I may not be able to eat 2 or 3 carrots 2 tomatoes, kale leaf, garlic clove, 2 apples, two celery sticks in one sitting but I can drink it. in fact I wonder who actually can eat kale, especially raw, YUCK!!