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s/lowcarb update,


howdy friends, just a little update, my diet is going well, I had a blimp on the radar today with the carbs I ate being of lower quality but it will be better tomorrow as it is grocery shopping day. my total carbs is still close to mark however. last week I had about five days of sinus congestion and such and not feeling well, but starting to feel well, always had sinus problems most of my life. some of my meals today were ketogenic, no carbs or very low carbs. so actually it only supper that my carb quality took a nose dive, but tomorrow is another day.

I have increased my walking, I have been using my skeltoes, filas, and you do use muscles and tendons in ways that require getting used to again, short of going totally barefoot this is as close as I can get without it hurting tomuch or my feet getting cold. my walking has been vigorous and brisk (all without much effort by the way).  this pace is coming naturally, which makes me convinced I am on the right track.

these skeltoes are not water proof by the way. and you feel the cold of the ground if it is really cold out.

thanks for reading.

s/low carb diet update (like my new name?) combines slow and low carb.


hi there, update on my s/low carb way.  finally I am feeling good, my energy is increasing gradually since last post,  I looked in the mirror at the store today and definitly see some changes, my clothes tho always a bit big on me before are starting to hang. I have to tie my pants up tighter.  the shirts are feeling and looking a bit bigger on me then I remember, I see myself regularly in this mirror at the store as I go there regularly for the past 15 years. not sure if this is just my imagination, but I will see if any of my friends notice.

last time a perfect stranger made a comment ot me that I was losing weight.  she sees me walking my dogs all the time, today it being a bit warmer will take the puppies for a walk. if you want to see a picture of my puppies go to my face book page roberta robinson cuyahoga falls.

I do want to thank those who are interested enough in my blog to at least take a look into it and to follow it, thank you.

paleo vs primal vs vegetarian diets

watched this video today, this guy presented a very logical arguement against high meat low carb diets some call paleo or primal, he was concise, used examples we could see for ourselves, showed the evidence as he had access too, and the manner he did it was very respectful.

I am inclined to think he is right, I did the atkins diets, low fat diets low carb diets (this one I did the most often, I mean it made sense at the time caloire in caloire out myth). he was showing how vegetarians diets do not make you weak, sick or unatheltic.  he reminded us to look at the results, examples and not the theory.

let’s say for the sake of discussion that we evolved from apes or monkeys. I don’t know about you but I don’t remember seeing documentaries showing these animals were big meat eaters. Have you? in fact the chimps only ate meat occassionally, including the baboons too, and apes eat only vegetation. And when some of these animals do eat them I don’t remember them worrying about any ethical treatment of their prey, in fact I seen many videos of them actually eating their prey alive. The screams of pain were heart wrenching for me to watch.

Anyway I thought  I would just throw that out.  As for eating meat raw as some try to do, this is totally disgusting.  Even God’s chosen people ate their food cooked, especially over an open pit.  Even jacob was cooking the meat in an open pot that esau sold is birthright for. So man has always cooked his food. There must be a reason that tradition started, I guess raw meat was just too bloody and aweful tasting to eat. Though once I read that they were so famished from hunger they were eating the quail raw without bleeding it first (and this incurred God’s anger, eating the blood not eating the meat)so maybe some did so when desperate for food.

While I cant go totally animal product free I have been keeping it down to around 10 or so percent of my total caloires and concentrating on plant foods. so far so good.  just a side note, a friend of mine did the atkins several years ago and lost like 45 pounds, I would say a year or so later he did from sudden cardiac arrest. He just sat down after being with friends for the day on his vacation, and he just died right there, no mess, no fuss, just gone with the snap of your fingers. Did the diet have anything to do with it? don’t know. you tell me. I haven’t a clue.