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added this today so you can see the color changes of this same rose. awesome rose. liking it more and more.



wanted you to see the yellowing. it is hard to see the true color from a picture.

this is called ghislaine de fergidone (not spelled right Iknow) this is its second year. it is a rambler, you can see I had trouble getting the colors to really show because the whiter flowers were glaring so much.the flowers actually start out apricot lighten to pinkish then to whitish when in full sun. the ones in full color opened up over night hence escaping the suns diluting affect. I just bought another since this rose surprised me. I only wrapped it in four or five layers of burlap for winter protection also tied it up in fencing to keep it from whipping around in the winds. did not have hardly any die back at all and for my area that is a surprise. itis very beautiful and hopfully will grow to cover the little fence I have it on, I want it to grow horizontaly along the fence to border the bed I have there. even my husband is impressed it was he who pushed me to buy another one. I give this rose a five star for hardiness, beauty, keeping clean leaves, number of buds and roses on it and over all vigor. in ne ohio where I live roses need to be tough. this one so far has proven to be tough and beautiful at the same time.

contempalation on words

hum, was reading some things today and I thought I would comment on definitions of words, weird I know, but it seems that definitions of words have strong impacts and can direct our perception on things like right, wrong, true, false, good or bad, it conveys ideas on understanding of what, when, how and why too.  The use of semantics has been a play on words for control over people, to convey what your trying to say, and even getting around something very bad and trying to sugar coat it. It has even been used to deceive people, redirect them from a real issue to fake issues too. 

 Like anything it  can be a double edged sword, used for both good and bad.  take this  computer for example,(please do not literally take it okay? lol) it can be used to help enlighten people, give them the truth to save them from traps or it can be used to trap you in so many ways, deceive you in so many ways it boggles the mind the trouble creepy, hurricreeps and nit wits will go to for mind and heart control. 

Now take the word war, what is war? what do you think? let me know in the comments below. What is violence? what does it mean to be violent? What does it mean to be legal or illegal? What does it mean to be lawful? what is definition of law? What is the definition of counterfeit? What is freedom? what does it mean to be free? What are rights? Human rights what are they? where do they originate? Why do we need rights? What is the opposite of rights?  hum, can you guess?  What is the definition of consent? contracts? what is required for a contract to be bonifide? what does bonifid mean?

Language is a funny thing, it can be twisted, manipulated, invented and even definitions changed by governments or corporations. Just some thougths I had today. Remember a time when the word ain’t wasn’t a word? now it is used freely and no one argues this point anymore.  Let me know your thoughts?

how about the word death? what is it? Can this word mean more than one thing? how about death of a loved one? obvious? How about spiritual death? financial death? how about it symbolizing gloomy times? or hopelessness? The sun growing dark could it mean just eclipse? or can it mean hoplessness? uncertainty about which way to go in life? or could it mean death of very life itself? A bright shining sun? could it symbolize something we all can relate too? life?, enlightenment? freedom? prosperity? could it also mean religious, political, economic leaders who appear to bring light, hope, prosperity and stability to the people which sun in fact is scorching mankind instead? hum then the word burn? what does it mean to burn? be burned? God is said to plague the sun in revelation, did the sun itself do anything bad to be plagued? what is a plague from the bible standpoint? could it mean Gods judgement on those who are symbolized by the sun? what judgement is that? read jw.org for the answer? recognize who the sun is.

So what is a kingdom? anyone? I mean we have been told by Jesus Christ to pray for it? Our father in the heavens may your name be sanctified, (hallowed) let your KINGDOM come? let your WILL take places on earth as in heaven. sound familiar? So what is a kingdom? and why is it so important for it to come? What will it mean for those who support this kingdom? read jw.org.

The bible speaks about the pure language? is it talking about a literal language like English or Spanish? or is there more to it? It speaks about this in Zephaniah, so what was he trying ot convey? could it be perhaps the language of truth, the real thing, (pun might be intended?)lol, the truths conveyed in the bible, understanding Gods will and purposes accurately that unifies people who care about justice, truth, love and wisdom God has given us? Because in Zephaniah it says they will learn the pure language and thus be able to serve Jehovah shoulder to shoulder? what does this mean? shoulder to shoulder? unity of direction, purpose and support for each other? What is required to learn this language? Jesus said in matthew that those conscious of their spiritural needs, those who are meek, (teachable and humble). Those who long for righteousness, those who are pure in heart. Are you meek and humble and pure in heart?

Will you accept Jehovahs invitation to learn this pure language and serve him shoulder to shoulder with those who have taken up the call? jw.org if you wish to obtain bible study or literature or even read the bible on line in over 500 languages. It is really a cool site. The wonderful thing about this language of truth, is it will never change or be altered or used to sugar coat the bad.



winter, what I have learned and progress

gardenplans 026

winter in my backyard, or front which ever you prefer. at least the early short january thaw which came early and melted everything.  Novemeber fought off sinus infections, the whole month needed anitbitics started to feel better and then I was down again feeling like I dont know what, lightheaded, faint, headachy, the runs, weak, sleepy all the time, humm what is going on here, sinus congestion problems but no infection.

I was thinking to my self what the tarnation is going on here?, I am eating better taking my vita supplements vitad3, exercising (have had energy to do so regularly) clearer minded and then this. could this have been a healing crisis? it lasted 2weeks then gone as quickly as it came it faded away. thank goodness.

now for what I learned in relation to diet, exercise, physiology, chemistry etc, one, weight reducing diets kill by degree. two, low carb diets, low cal diets, low fat diets, exercise for weight loss kill by degrees without you even realizing it right away. three, the more diets you do and the more weight loss you have had, weight up weight down, rinse and then repeat, the closer to death you are. while your breathing and working and doing your thing, your dying and don’t even see it.

Four, the medical community sees metabolic syndrome, type 2, type 3 diabetes, plaque buildup, high cholesterol, hypertension, as diseases of obesity. obesity is considered a moral weakness of inability to eat less and exercise more and thus is not a disease thus the doctor is not responsible for the poor results of their treatment.

Five,  the treatments given by doctors and other professionals to cure these diseases is diet and exercise. If one loses even 10 percent of their weight they improve all the parameters of these diseases. sound familiar?

Six, you can lose this 10 percent and still be obese. humm something sounds fishy here.

Seven, that if you eat all your fruits and veggies and eat as recommended by the “experts” (you all know how I feel about “experts” right?) you don’t need supplements. sound familiar? I learned that yes you do need supplementation, sometimes pretty heafty amounts when your fighting heavy duty health condtions like obesity metabolic syndrome etc.

Eight, Doctors do not have all the answers and sometimes refuse to allow new information and experiences to expand their mind when what was believe to be true is found not to be.

Ninth, I also learned that I have to take my health into my own hands, do my research, learn from my experiences and the expeirences of others, use my reasoning skill based on all that I learned about How we are designed by Jehovah, what happened in my life, what researchers have said that are not listend to by the mainstream everyone. I have learned to take everything I hear on the news, in papers, on the internet, etc, with a grain of salt with a i will put it on the back burner because I do not believe what I heard and dont trust it.

I  learned too, our bodies are very well designed by Jehovah, despite our sinful imperfection our bodies work pretty much like they should (except for serious genetic defects some people get which I feel sorry for them that really disable them)when doctors, us, people in general, do not understand something the body does they try to force it to change to a preconceived idea of what it should be. basically they treat symptoms. which has its place don’t get me wrong, sometimes treating hte symptoms allows you time (and some comfort too) to find the culprit and work on it. It also allows a better quality of life if your unable to fix the underlying problem.

eleventh, I learend our bodies have two goals, one is keeping you alive and upright, second your wellbeing. It turns out that what we may describe as auto immune disease, metabolic disease, obesity, food addictions (I love this one) is actually the body working here to keep you alive and upright. The body will literally rob from one part of our body to supply another with nutrients missing in your diet in sufficient amounts. arthritis, could it be the body is stealing the sulfer from your joints to supply the heart and brain?or stealing from the intestines to get at the sulfer? or your stomach? hence all the stomach problems that doctors give immune suppressing drugs? or the brain, is it so deficient in nutrients it has to form plaques on it’s neurons to protect them from the toxic enviroment of oxygen, sugar laden blood?  Yet doctors treat it like it is a disease not a survival mechism and try to suppress it.

what about obesity and it’s other symptoms?I learned that all this is a symptom of malnutrition. if you don’t eat enough food for purposes of losing weight or any reason really, your body cannabalises itself, proteins for one, fat, water, glycogen stores empty out etc cortisol and adrenalin is released, if these things are not replaced adequatly due to undereating the stress continues and if you add exercise you just added gasoline to the fire.

What does all of this mean then? Not exacly sure, but one thing for sure the trail has veered off to another direction for me. now I understand why diets failed me. it does not address the underlying problem. now I understand why when you start a new diet and stick to it for a while you start to feel good have more exercise and seem to do well for a while even losing some weight. a reducing diet which ever you choose wiht exercise especially is a stress. what does the body do in reponse to stess? it releases adreanlin and cortisol  cortisol is a feel good lets get up and dance hormone.

It is also a antiinflammation hormone too. now I understand when your aches and pains stop hurting it is not because your getting healthier but because you added a stress the body has to go deal with. your body can only handle so many stressors at once so it priotises, remember its first job is keeping you alive. so now it has to put other healing and repairing jobs on hold. now I also understand why the desire to eat sugary stuff and overeat on them is delayed making one think their diet is working. these are all false sensations of success.

This is why you get a healing crisis once you fix the underlying problem, your body was so focused for so long (if your health problems and obesity was long standing)on keeping you alive it could not afford to use any nutrients or didnt have it available to deal with toxins and damage to cells and give full repair. it could  not raise your metabolism or temp or motivate you to exercise and live life, it was too strained keeping you alive.  Understand what I mean?

this is what I was experiencing, it lasted so long because there was alot to fix and I  had all the nutrients, caloires protein fats etc it needed for full repair and to fight off virus and bacteria it had to put up with (keeping them at bay but not really getting rid of them hence you get sick, better, repeat, because the underlying infection or problem is not solved just held in check for a whilethus getting sinus infections over and over and over again over many years.) hence now because I did not listen to doctors anymore, listen to “experts” anymore but decided to do my own research and listen to alternative ideas I was able to understand what was going on. I still listen to my doctor on so many things I do appreciate all thehelp they have given me in the past with my problems (chronic sinus infections, chronic broncitis, anxiety attacks, headaches that goe on and on for months, sleeping problems etc) after all I realize they dont’ know everything either and are learning themselves.

All my problems were because of malnorishement. I am under the impression that I do not make vitad3 in the skin. i did all the other things like eat better,  plenty of sun exposure without sunscreen taking glucose tolerance supplements, lowering my carbs as much as I could comfortably do, taking immune stimulating herbs and other things experiementing with different herbs and things, something was missing. once I had been on vitad3 for many, many months then it started to click. I was finally showing some really cool progress. it is like vitad3 was the switch that made everything else turn on.

Ithink I will post my progress in another post to avoid a too long post. thanks all for reading down to this point. posting here, posting there, posting everywheres, posting up /down on a trotting horse, posting on the posting. la la la la tripping over my post. lol sorry just being silly tonight. need to go to bed. I am thinking about doing a post later on about dinosaurs anyone here like dinosaurs?

thanks a bunch you silly whipper snappers for reading all the way down this very long slope of post.


vita d 3, diabetic support pack,

hi there everyone, how is the weather where you are today? well I am reporting here tht my low carb diet is much better, easier to stick to, my cravings for high sugar foods like gone, this past week I have been sleeping through the night without having to get up to eat to calm my insides and get back to sleep which I have been doing for many years now despite all my attempts at dietary and exercise changes. this supplement pack and vitd3 really works! amazing. I just can’t get over the reduction in my symptoms. I just wish doctors would advocate vitad3/serious supplementation of vita min and others, for obese people who suffer serious health problems like hypertension, sleep problems, depression and the like.  sometimes I wonder if they are really interested in healing people rather then just treating them requiring constant monitering and refill of prescriptions.

I know they have to be careful not to piss off the drug companies or rehabilitation companies so they dont lose thier license. if they did alot of companies would go out of busines, but that is no reason to keep people sick. maybe they should go out of business we need healthy people to make a healthy world and with that comes innovations and better products and services that can replace those companies. profit should never take precendent over human health and welfare. agree?

it is hard to believe increasing ones nutrtional status can have such profound affects, it is wonderul, in fact I feel the urge to get back into my exercise routine I used to do. wish I would of knew this long ago. I have less sleepiness during the day as well, my sinus post nasal drip has reduced considerably, headaches hardly get them anymore,(well I have to give one doctor some credit) many years ago when I was having headaches he advocated vita min supplement to help it,should of took that as a clue. I can be a duh sometimes.

anyway it sure feels good to well  feel good for a change.

well taw taw for now.


low carb update

well I figured this might not work out, I guess low carb was a bit too low? apparently it doesn’t address the underlying cause of obesity and metabolic dysfuntion, so I have been unable to stick to it, it did not address my inability to sleep through the night, it didnt decrease appetite long term, only temporary, I guess anytime you change your diet your body goes into some kind of shock or something and you lose some of your appetite. It has not help the low blood sugar symptoms I would get (remember that inner tremors I get almost constantly), and fatigue. it didn’t do anything for my hypertension either, even tho I am taking a ace inhibitor, the problem is it only reduced my pressures modestly.

so what am I doing now? I am concentrating on addresssing the underlying nutritional defiiency that makes me glucose intolerant. I have decided to take a vita supplement in massive doses, considering I spent like forever trying to deal with health issues through diet and exercise and some supplementation, it didnt work didn’t address my problems and was unable to stick to it, which tells me it did not address the underlying cause, again, so any advice by doctors or anyone else is trying to address the symptoms (overeating, poor food choices/cravings) and the subsequent weight increase does not address the underlying cause and should be discarded.

what is this vita mine and has it helped me? well I have been taking it for two weeks (you see I am afraid to tell you because it might be a fluke or the medical commnity might find out and ban it) guess what has been happening? well my sleep is getting better and better, my appetite is decreasing and that inner tremor I suffer from for so many years (try 15) has resolved, I am calm, I feel so comfortable inside it is amazing, and what else is there? I have a blood pressure moniter I have used regularly (or when curious about my numbers) shows my numbers have reduced to almost scary numbers (numbers I am not used to seeing regularly which is scarey in that sense) and you won’t believe I have been doing ti for a few days now twice a day, and my numbers are wonderful, and guess what else? my heart rate has reduced (how is this 133/72, 127/70 139/78 (after eating for last one)heart rate 70, 65, 68 72, pretty cool hum? what does my history that is recored show? 110/98,180/95, 166/88. heart rate about 80’s, despite my bp medicine, see what I mean? this is just a taste of my numbers I have my history for a couple of years of pressures saved on my moniter. so it amazed me when I scanned through the history as far as it would go.

is there any way I can tell my followers without the wrong people getting this infor they might try to discredit or get it banned by regulation or ruin the potency by reducing it.? I am taking about 25,000 iu of it, I read studies done on this amount for obese and healthy and they found no harmful affects taking it for 8 weeks.I bet you all guessed it by now. lol. does the sun give you an idea? maybe stock up on it before they do ban it, especially with codex alimintarious to be implement starting in 2014.

make sure it is 3 not 2. lol, get the gel and not the pills, anyway I am amazed at the results, never thought being deficient in one nutrient can be so devasating in one’s quality of life. wish I knew this long time ago. no wonder they don’t tell people this by doctors, that would put them and the drug companies out of business, maybe if that is the case maybe they should be put out of business if they are working  more for profit and continuation of that profit over human rights/health. they don’tdeserve to be in business in the first place, doctors have thier place but when they start to give out disinfo (and they might not be aware so are innocent bystanders themselves) then they become dangerous to us. and themselves too especially if they prescribe the same to themselves as they do us because they really believe thier treatments and understanding of diseases/illness.

so I am going to continue this for a month or two at least until the sun gets more intense and I can sunbath again, then maybe I will go down to a maintance amount. see what happens. talk about self experiement, but what else can I do? I have trusted the “experts” for most of my life it is time to discard their advice and go a different direction. and I have no where else to go.



howdy powdies


low carb diet update, I have been following this diet pretty good for 19 weeks now, here is a report, most days I manage to eat pretty healthy carbs only alone with my normal protein/fat combo. a few days I was eating lower quality carbs and my total carbs for the day was a bit elevated, I was hungry for carbs, then my appetite for carbs would drop like a rock,  and my total caloires would drop also, it is like for a few days the carb diet is working well, staying around 25 percent, sometimes 27 or 28 and occassionally 30 percent of total caloires, depending on my hunger, food availability and cravings. then all of a sudden I get some cravings for lower quality food like ice cream which I make sure to buffer with alot of fat and protein added, like peanut butter.

for three days a few weeks ago, I was craving barbecue corn chips, weird I know, even when I wasn’t following any diet seldom did I crave that! but I always ate it with alot of nuts too so as to tone down the carbs in the food (even tho the labels says the fat caloires far outnumber the carbs in it.) but then that craving went away and I was back on track. my percentage of carbs went up a little on those days to about 30 percent.

my periods have regulated, gotten lighter, less pms, like 10 percent of what it used to be, but still dealing with sleeplessness at night, sleep a few hours wake up and it is like my insides won’t calm down for some reason. sometimes I go to bed tired out but then my insides take a while to calm down, it is weird, always had this problem for many years, this diet is not causing it.

now that I am in the midst of menopause it has gotten worse, really weird, sleeping thorugh the night seems to be long standing challenge. this explains why I seldom have alot of energy during the day, I do tend to do better i summer then winter. probably lack of sunshine, heat and our bodys are trying to conserve anyway who knows.

I am wondering when I can increase quality carbs, how do I know my insulin resistance has completly reversed? I am guessing if I lose alot of fat weight, stop having bad nights like this, and can sleep much better that might be my cue to go ahead and up my quality carbs to maybe 50/50.

hopefully it will get better, I wonder if vitamin supplement would help the lack of energy and inability to sleep well. any suggestions?





Howdy my friends, neighbors and all concerned people

I just finished reading some interesting stuff on agenda 21, or shall I say sustainable development, out of the united nations is where it orginated. Many call it smart growth, visioning or whaterver you want to refer to it. here is one thing I found a bit unerving, but understandable, and that is while yes we have a series problem in the world, enviromental issues, poverty, wars and the like,  anyone can focus on these problems, and offer their idea of a solution,  many have offered their ideas of a solution from philosphy of non violence or initiation of force against another, to free interchange of trade, to use or resources to build wealth that eventually trickles down to others, directly or indirectly, to sustainable development, to charity involvement, to government involvement is creating a fairer world, I have to ask this question?

How can anyone create a fair world without being unfair? all governments have one common theme, use of violence or force to achieve seemingly noble ends. Everything to enforcement of policy, use of currency controls and job creation or destruction to every kind of coercive control to achieve what seems like a good end. agenda 21 is an example, it is being implemented very aggressivly with the idea of ending poverty, enviromental degradgation, and to secure food and security for all now and in the future. This is right out of the united nations, which the bible prophesied would arise from the seventh world power (anglo-american empire) and exercise its role like an eighth king. False religion rides this eight king controlling its actions.

what methods of force are being used here? enviormental laws that are draconian and not based on science, excessive taxation, global free trade to reduce the standard of living in the usa, land seizure based in frivolous grounds, and abuse of many laws on the books with one idea in mind, force you off the land into the cities. This is happening all over the world in fact.  their vision is forced on people against their will in many cases. thier desire is to do exactly what Satan wanted done and has done in times past.  if you ever read some of the comments of the people behind this you notice they have nothing but contempt for people, they consider the common man a plague, a parasite, greedy no good so and so. does this remind anyone of anything? the religious leaders of jesus day? who called the common people people of the land (which is a derogatory title).

All this strikes as an attempt to destory people’s happiness not enhance it. look at the two pictures above, these are from my calender, these pictures filled me with joy, it thrills me to think I will be doing so many of the things I have always wanted but couldn’t due to the condition of the world limitations in where I can live and play due to financial and health considerations. But the agenda 21 ers are not concerned with our happiness, otherwise why would they be so bent on outlawing all the things that bring man pleasure, happiness and self sufficieny? why is man being hemmed in by more and more laws and regulations preventing people from spreading their wings and flying freely? If these people get what they want, this is how we will live (ever seen the video about an african neighborhood? i did it was horrid they are truly hemmed in by fencing, they had no toilets, a sewage trench down the middle of the road, muddy floors and hungry children, armed guards and extreme poverty which they aer not allowed to try and alleviate by using their own resources there).

this is what these people have in mind, 


mind you this is for everyone whether they want to live here or not. now which do you prefer the first two pictures above which is what Jehovah wants for people, or what the agenda 21 ers want? all land outside of this will be restricted heavily (probably will have to earn credits to get a permit to visit the forests for camping or hiking or swimming). all jobs will be assigned and food will be grown within 100 miles which translates there will be food rationing. there is more but this is horrible enough. if all I had to face was this future, I would rather not be here, But thanks to Jehovah he has other things in mind for mankind and living in a slave labor camp or concentration camp (notice the word concentration) working long hours for little reward is not what it is. this is really human resource farming, think factory farming of animals.

ps, by the way that top picture of people playing with all the wonderful crittors most of these creepy enviromentalists, creepy elites and collective mind set people would cringe. they hate to see people happy and enjoy their own enviroment. they feel we should not be allowed to touch nature hardly at all let alone enjoy it without their permission.

hi folks

if you don’t want to be depressed do not read this.

today I am feeling a bit down, hormones? anyway my diet has deterioted a little bit,  nothing major, but I am feeling a little depressed today. I was thinking about my life and realized how I really don’t have alot of  close friends. I know many people are busy with their own lives and I am too, but it seems so hard for me to make good friends, not having alot of energy myself it is hard or impossible for me to do alot of reaching out, I try when I go to meetings or whatever to take the initiative (I have always been that way taking the initiative to be friends to others for many years now) but it seems not to many really find me interesting enough, I do have some friends that tolerate me, but not the kind of friends who you feel you can talk to about anything (except one or two). I know they are busy doing a good work helping others and I don’t want them to stop, when . once I was at a get together and it was hard to get anyone to hardly talk to me, sure they talked a little but mostly out of courtesy (except one or two who I have known many years) I even seen a friend of mine who I worry about sitting off to the side and hardly anyone went over to talk to her, so I did, I even went for a little hike with her, I never see her smile by the way, I think she suffers depression or something I kind of want call her on the phone, but maybe she doesn’t want to be bothered?

I am just thinking too how the pressures of satans world may have alot to do with this, unconsciously we may be getting dragged down  mentally and emotionally by it. no way do I want to ever be a burden to anyone, but it is so hard to make good friends and keep them.  I don’t think I have the energy to do that for to long, my hubby is my bestest earthling friend. Maybe my hormones has gotten my emotions all in a rag tag, so don’t pay me to much mind, anyway my diet deteroited a little bit, these last couple of days my appetite doens’t seem to want to shut down, I think the diet has benefitted me in that I am ovulating, you ever get that sharp pain near your ovaries? well I would get them and they lasted for days, now only a couple of hours and it doens’t hurt at much either. my last period was very light and normal for a change (after the last 15 years of not).

it is amazing how our hormones can affect our emotions so weirdly, I know my friends are busy with jobs and such and they know they can’t visit during the week as my hubby is a daysleeper and all and on the weekends they have their families to care for and spiritual activities to get involved in so I understand. I just wish this world did not place so many demands on us to perform (just so we can live a half way decent life) and would allow  more time and energy to socialize more. build up a loving association as it were.

I wish I could get off my own duff and take the initiative myself more, but now that it is winter I am more laid back lacking that drive, that energy I usually have in the summer to do something anything to brighten up my own mood, like go for a walk (to snowy, no sidewalks) or use the treadmill, (boring). sometimes with me it is just a matter of that first leap, usually. now I just want to bang my head against a wall and say come on bert, get up do something anything. lol.

so Ithink I will just bite the bullet and get on that treadmill. talk to you all later.

s/lowcarb update,


howdy friends, just a little update, my diet is going well, I had a blimp on the radar today with the carbs I ate being of lower quality but it will be better tomorrow as it is grocery shopping day. my total carbs is still close to mark however. last week I had about five days of sinus congestion and such and not feeling well, but starting to feel well, always had sinus problems most of my life. some of my meals today were ketogenic, no carbs or very low carbs. so actually it only supper that my carb quality took a nose dive, but tomorrow is another day.

I have increased my walking, I have been using my skeltoes, filas, and you do use muscles and tendons in ways that require getting used to again, short of going totally barefoot this is as close as I can get without it hurting tomuch or my feet getting cold. my walking has been vigorous and brisk (all without much effort by the way).  this pace is coming naturally, which makes me convinced I am on the right track.

these skeltoes are not water proof by the way. and you feel the cold of the ground if it is really cold out.

thanks for reading.

s/low carb diet update (like my new name?) combines slow and low carb.


hi there, update on my s/low carb way.  finally I am feeling good, my energy is increasing gradually since last post,  I looked in the mirror at the store today and definitly see some changes, my clothes tho always a bit big on me before are starting to hang. I have to tie my pants up tighter.  the shirts are feeling and looking a bit bigger on me then I remember, I see myself regularly in this mirror at the store as I go there regularly for the past 15 years. not sure if this is just my imagination, but I will see if any of my friends notice.

last time a perfect stranger made a comment ot me that I was losing weight.  she sees me walking my dogs all the time, today it being a bit warmer will take the puppies for a walk. if you want to see a picture of my puppies go to my face book page roberta robinson cuyahoga falls.

I do want to thank those who are interested enough in my blog to at least take a look into it and to follow it, thank you.