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the great tribulation

hi there friends and neighbors and interested peoples of internet land. this post is a bit in depth and requires alot of thinking, if your not in the mood wait until you are ready to read it. I was musing latly about all the steps to the great tribulation Jesus spoke about and all the scriptures that refer to it and the evidence of it’s nearness. nearness is that a word? Hope I don’t sound confused lol.

here are the scriptural references I am going by,well some of them but not by a long shot all of them. here goes.

Ezekiel 38-39,  matthew 24:1-14, 21-26, revelation 6 (ride of the four horsey guys)revelation 13:11-17, daniel 2 and 4 (rise and fall of the world powers that have a direct effect over Gods people) revelation 16:13-14, luke 21:25-28, 2corithians 4:4,

the wild beasts (dominate world government in our case the anglo american world power) that comes out of the sea and the earth. the earth beast is anglo american world power in a special role, that of bully basically. it pretends to be meek and mild like a lamb (notice lambs horns) but speaks as a dragon (bullies others into submission) it sets up a counterfeit government called the united nations (scarlet colored beast, notice the color, red, royalty, a dictionary says sinful too) it compels men into submission and obedience to this beast, which is only a image of the original beast. they use propaganda, economic warfare, forced compliance to unjust demands, and likes to pretend there is a social contract we are honor bound to obey.

this image pretends to be the true messiah (as christendom has endorsed) or the kingdom of God on earth, but in reality is one of the false messiahs Jesus warned us about. It blasephmies God in that it declares by it’s decrees to be able to accomplish peace prosperity and justice in the earth where only God himself can accomplish through his heavenly Kingdom. with me so far? it is a liar, and serves the interests only of satan. (who by now confined to the earth is now called gog of the land of magog, him in his debased state) understand?

this image is also called a eight king in the bible in that it acts like a king, makes me think about agenda 21 implementation and peace keeping operations in other countries (peace keeping what a farce) it is empire building nonetheless. it has nothing to do with peace and everything to do with subjugating people to a central control body who will micromanage you and me into full blown misery and slavery if they are allowed to go that far. this image (those who run it and profit off of it the ngos, the rulers of impoverished nations, rulers of more powerful nations, who of course dominate the discourse and results, the bankers, the wealthy elites etc)

the target? you and me, for what purpose? to worship this beast of course as the scriptures show. why do they want you to worship them? so you will slave for them for free thats why. they want you to be a human resource they can use at will for whatever purpose suits them regardless of it’s affects on you or the enviroment.

so what is the end of it all? revelation 17:15-17 Jehovah will put it into the hearts of those running the show, whoever they are to do a job for Jehovah and why not? they have reproached him blamed him for the suffering they themselves have caused, (I mean really, can you blame God for the 50 million killed under mao of china, or russia under stalin and lenin between them murdering 100 million? he didnt make them do that they did it on their own)so he will force them to do something they will later regret, and that is turn on babylon the great that rides the scarlet colored beast (united nations), why? who is this babylon? why based on the description she is false relgion, the clergy of christendom/and christendom being a dominate part. their belief system is based on the original babylon, started by nimrod who was a psychopathic creep who was only interested in being worshipped.

This Jehovah puts it into their hearts ot not only unify against babylon the great but to actually give up their soverignty to the united nations so he can eventually wipe out the wicked in one clean swoop. they will give their power to the un under the impression they are doing it by their own will but jehovah will be leading them. this my friend, the turning on false religion and a special proclamation of peace and security (which we aer not sure will consist of) is the start of this great tribulation, Gods judgement on wicked mankind. this is why it is called a great tribulation because it will entail the whole earth all at one time and all institutions, organizatons, military, etc will not save mankind (these referred in the bible as islands and the earth and the cry for the rocks to cover them over) they might even try to hide in literal caves as well. so hang in there it will be a bumpy ride honey. by the way wondering about the rock in dan 2:44? that is God’s kingdom destroying all facets of man rulership to where not even remnants of them or their ideas will exist anymore they will be forgotten by the survivers.

so my question to you is are you going to be one of the survivors? how can we know? well jesus said in john 17:3 this means ever lasting life their taking in knowledge of you one  true God and the one whom you sent forth jesus christ. so taking in knowledge found the bible is a good place to start in fact I recommend you go to jw.org and get all kinds of information on any subject you can think of. there are publications you can download, there is a bible on line to read or download, I put the bible on my hubby’s mp3 player so he can listen while he drives the truck. so check it out,

hope this was not to complicated, no one can get it all in one day i have been studying the bible for many years now. so I have a pretty good handle on this subject tho I still have gaps in my understanding. so hang in there this miserable existance won’t be lasting to much longer, Thanks to Jehovah.