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my walk about spring flowers

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 013

cut leaved toothwort

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 034

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 035

garlic mustard, I think according to my book teh next picture I think is harbringer of spring?

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 027

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 030

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 031

spring beauties?

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 038

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 039

service berry tree? not sure.

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 002

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 007

apple tree up the street is just coverd in flowers,wow

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 020walkaboutsunnydaymayone 022

walkaboutsunnydaymayone 025

dandelion and violet paradise, ballfield up the street. pretty hunn?