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vitad3 update





Hi there everyone beautiful person out there, this is my update, as you know I have been trying to follow a fairly slow carb diet (which I am enjoying more than I thought) secondly I have been dosing with vitad3 gels with wool oil, okay when I started this whole thing I started out at 40,000 iu working down over several months this past year or so, (as you can see above if you can read it why these dosages seem okay for me) but several times after I start to see results and feel so much better sleeping better reduced apetite for high sugary foods go down, and more energy and less fuzzy fog etc I lower the dose so I don’t over do it, well every time I did after a few weeks the symptoms start to return and I have to up it again for a couple of weeks to see the symptoms abate (I did this about 3 times) so now I am back at 25,000 iu, per day, 5000 per day was not enough, too low for maintenance, 10,000 also was too low, I took this dosage for a couple of weeks and seen no improvement.

I have been dosing in the 20,000 iu range for about 2 weeks or so and I am starting to feel so much better. my appetite has normalized (don’t need to constantly munch) I sleep through the night again without the hunger or nervousness of low blood sugar symptoms even tho on paper I do not have hypoglycemia.

my periods are starting to normalize (until I started to eat a high soy product I did not know I was eating, I cannot handle even a hint of soy itmesses up my periods makes them last longer, heavier, more crampy and pms is worse as well) so I have reduced that, flaxseed and it’s oil does the same thing.  But my mood is better too. I am starting to have a training effect, improvments in stamina, breathing and etc when I exercise. I do hope you all can read those notes I scanned, tried to get a copy into a word processing document but it only pasted jibberjabber language.

enjoy. oh here is a picture of what is happening as of now,

Godsownersmanual 006

can you believe it is almost april?  SUCKS!!!! why does winter always want to hang on so long and summer want to be so cold like last year was?


Howdy gang, how is it going? is it nice where you are at or still kind of yucky?  it is really pretty and green here yesterday the sun was so nice I even sunbathed most of the day and played with my puppies outside.

I am still gaining improvements, my sleep, energy levels and the like are improving weekly, these past couple of days my appetite for things sweet (but still on the low gi side however) has decreased, in fact I am finding my cravings for such stuff a bit muffled, a good sign? or just another cruel joke? today I ate breakfast and couldn’t finish it, in fact I usually like my whole grain pancakes and real syrup (yummy) and bacon and hot tea, but I did not want it, weird for me, to not be super hungry in the morning especially since I havent had to get up and eat in the middle of the night. if I knew that all I needed was some vitamins and vitad3 mega dose for a few months (by the way I don’t take the vitad3 everyday and only take small doses now)that the changes would be this dramatic I would of done it long ago. is this a true improvment or a cruel joke? time will tell.

You do know I hope that without sufficient vitad3 you can’t get the calcium up in your blood? without calcium you become (see if you can guess it) diabetic, didn’t see that coming, what is diabetes (type 2 and type 3)but insulin resistance and what is that? glucose intolerance, all these names mean the same thing basically, your cells don’t want the glucose it can’t handle the oxidative properties of it, so the fat cells tell the muscles cells to use fat instead and the fat cells take up the glucose (to lower the temp hyperglycemia you are experiencing) to convert to fat to spill it into your blood for the cells to use.

But anyway, if your nutrient deficient how can you function or your body do it’s job of not only keeping you alive but more than that, thriving, having a high quality of life with energy and being able to do the things you love or need to do? vitad3 and cholesterol sulfate are so close molecularly that you have to study it awhile to see the subtle differences.

anyway hopfully this post is  not boring, but I am thinking if your glucose set point (amount of concentration of sugar you need in yor blood to overcome the resistance at the brain levels) is lower translates into lower amounts of sugar needed to maintain in your blood at all times to keep the brain supply means less need to eat alot of sugar throughout the day to keep it eleveated, translated into eating less carbs without much willpower if any at all. well this is how I see it at this point in time.

my slow/low carb seems to be easier to stick to then before, tho I am being careful to listen more carefully I remember the last time I ignored mild food specific hunger, and suffered for it. this time I will make sure to eat enough slow carbs thorough out the day to avoid this, and eat plenty of variety of fats and proteins too, I noticed something , that I plan to keep my carbs around 30 percent if I can, that is not far off from the 40 percent of the zone diet which is supposedly  designed to address insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, I am wondering if that is a more realistic and more managable percentage of slow carbs? what say you?

Good bye for now. happy springing.

my peach tree is in bloom

mypeachtree 002peachtreeupright2


hi folks

if you don’t want to be depressed do not read this.

today I am feeling a bit down, hormones? anyway my diet has deterioted a little bit,  nothing major, but I am feeling a little depressed today. I was thinking about my life and realized how I really don’t have alot of  close friends. I know many people are busy with their own lives and I am too, but it seems so hard for me to make good friends, not having alot of energy myself it is hard or impossible for me to do alot of reaching out, I try when I go to meetings or whatever to take the initiative (I have always been that way taking the initiative to be friends to others for many years now) but it seems not to many really find me interesting enough, I do have some friends that tolerate me, but not the kind of friends who you feel you can talk to about anything (except one or two). I know they are busy doing a good work helping others and I don’t want them to stop, when . once I was at a get together and it was hard to get anyone to hardly talk to me, sure they talked a little but mostly out of courtesy (except one or two who I have known many years) I even seen a friend of mine who I worry about sitting off to the side and hardly anyone went over to talk to her, so I did, I even went for a little hike with her, I never see her smile by the way, I think she suffers depression or something I kind of want call her on the phone, but maybe she doesn’t want to be bothered?

I am just thinking too how the pressures of satans world may have alot to do with this, unconsciously we may be getting dragged down  mentally and emotionally by it. no way do I want to ever be a burden to anyone, but it is so hard to make good friends and keep them.  I don’t think I have the energy to do that for to long, my hubby is my bestest earthling friend. Maybe my hormones has gotten my emotions all in a rag tag, so don’t pay me to much mind, anyway my diet deteroited a little bit, these last couple of days my appetite doens’t seem to want to shut down, I think the diet has benefitted me in that I am ovulating, you ever get that sharp pain near your ovaries? well I would get them and they lasted for days, now only a couple of hours and it doens’t hurt at much either. my last period was very light and normal for a change (after the last 15 years of not).

it is amazing how our hormones can affect our emotions so weirdly, I know my friends are busy with jobs and such and they know they can’t visit during the week as my hubby is a daysleeper and all and on the weekends they have their families to care for and spiritual activities to get involved in so I understand. I just wish this world did not place so many demands on us to perform (just so we can live a half way decent life) and would allow  more time and energy to socialize more. build up a loving association as it were.

I wish I could get off my own duff and take the initiative myself more, but now that it is winter I am more laid back lacking that drive, that energy I usually have in the summer to do something anything to brighten up my own mood, like go for a walk (to snowy, no sidewalks) or use the treadmill, (boring). sometimes with me it is just a matter of that first leap, usually. now I just want to bang my head against a wall and say come on bert, get up do something anything. lol.

so Ithink I will just bite the bullet and get on that treadmill. talk to you all later.

healing crisis

I was wondering if anyone had any insights to healing crisis when you change your diet for the better and then after a while you start to feel like you have the flu or something. I have been sickly the last 10 days, thought it was a sinu infection, then thought it might be virus, but now I am not so sure.

is there any validity to how as you heal that you release alot of toxins and stuff and if your release them faster than elimination you get nauseated, headachy, feeling of malaise, faintness? I am feeling a bit better today. yesterday I could swear a few times I would faint I felt so weak, tired and sick.

I was craving fruit today so went and got some pineapple, oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit. ate a bowl of strawberries with some pineapple tossed in and a red orange (it tastes like a cross between pink grapefruit and orange) not as sweet as oranges but mildly sweet.

but anyway I have been sticking to this lower carb/low gi mostly plant based diet for a month now and so far it has been pretty easy to stick  much better than anything esle I tried including an atkins type diet last year I did. I still have no desire to binge on any junk food which is a good sign, my desire for munchies like chips (even healthy chips) not there, my cravings have all been for real wholesome foods, this is great, no diet ever did that for me. all  past diets did was make me ravenously hungry for sweets like ice cream cake and cookies.

if anyone has any good insights on healing crisis telling it apart from say a real infection that needs medical attention would be appreaciated, I am feeling better today but still feel sickly but not faint or weak. I do have a massive past of antibiotic use due to chronic sinus infections and even a couple of bouts with broncitis over many years. in fact I have had to take antibiotics so many times I lost count long ago. so I am wondering if this malaise is due to massive microbe die off as my sugar consumption dropped dramatically.


my chocolate cake experiment

it didnt look all that great at first until I got it altogether. it taste way better than it looks. drooling yet?lol

low carb chocolate cake

1 cup black beans smashed up, 3/4 cup quinoa flour, 1/2 regular flour, 1/2 cup soften coconut oil,  1/2 cup of coconut crumbs unsweetened, 1/2 cup softened butter, vanilla extract, 4 eggs, I creamed the 1 cup (truvia)sugar and oil/butter first for a while, like 5 minuts, then I added the eggs one at a time, beat until blended, then I incorporated the 1 cup of milk and flour mixture (adding of course the cocoa powder, 1/4 cup) alternately until the batter was smooth, my cakes cooked at 350 for 20 minutes after preheat, my cakes also came out a little lopsided simply because my floor is not level under the stove..  but it tasted way better than it looked I hope my hubby loves it, he was craving chocolate cake.

caloires, each slice about 700 caloires and 80 caloires of that is from carbs. I did count the caloires of truvia because it has caloires despite the label on the front. most is from the fats of the oils, cream cheese icing, sour cream, in the icing, and some is protein with fats as well, the eggs, quinoa,black beans.


low carb dieting

howdy powdies, today I am deviating from sharing pictures of my vacation, to talk about this diet I am following, mind you I have followed many diets in the past for purposes of being healthier and leaner, HA! what a joke. I have read tons of books over the years, read many studies, and medical articles in journals that are free to read, you name it I have read about, researched about it. I have done weight watchers, done it on my own, done low caloires diets several times over my life time, tried the dash diet for my blood pressure, did the low salt diet for my blood pressure, did the exercise for my fitness efforts, weight loss (which never happend anyway) or to lower my blood pressure.  All to no avail.

I even did close to atkins for over two months and lost like 5 pounds maybe? this diet did not address my blood sugar problems, sleep problems or lack of energy problems or bring my blood pressure down, and it ws hard to follow, and it literally made me sickly as well with headaches, fatigue, bad taste in the mouth, etc.  let’s face it who can live on meat and dairy only with some veggies and minimal fruit for most of their life?

so here today based on all the research I have done, experiences I have gained from myself and others who I have known for many years, is the diet I am trying, or dietary changes. I have made many over the past couple of years, but this past year I have made more adjustments,  here is my food pyramid I designed simply because I couldn’t find one even remotly close to it, obviously doctors are just o busy to do research or maybe they will get in trouble if they don’t perpetuate medical myths.

so here is my pyramid, it basically says unlimited quantities of food with no food dominating, except you will notice it is plant dominate, meats do not dominate the pyramid, and you notice I put the grians or grain like foods at the top, these I am limiting. as long as 100 percent whole grain, seeds or whatever flour. this is my version of a low carb/low gi diet, when you think about it low gi is low carb it is simply low carb in the blood not the stomach, after all blood sugar elevations and drops that are sudden and extreme cause more then just a headache and cravings they make you fat as well. this fat is how your body copes with the hyperglycemia you get and hyperinsulimia as well.

so far this diet is working very well better than any diet I have ever tried, including the dash diet (it never seem to address the blood sugar problems or the excessive appetite or the problems sleeping, the nervousness tension and depression I had.)

those cravings and desire to eat ice cream (what a joke ice cream, it is actually frozen dairy dessert, liars) which now is more sugar than cream. desire to eat higher calorie mostly carb foods gone, need to eat as often, gone, amazing if you ask me, it is easier too since my hubby is going lower carb too, to address some health concerns, anyway this is  my attempt, and hopfully I have found a way of eating that not only addresses my health problems I have dealt with so long but something I can stick to with little effort for the rest of my life.

so what way of eating are you all doing and how easy/hard/moderate is it to follow? find it gives you more energy, sleep better and addresses health issues you may have? please be cautious how you interpret changes, I have found that when you change your diet or lower blood sugar and whatnot that the energy many feel is not necessarily the diet working, not that it might not work in long term once adjustments are made in the body, but rather a stress response. when you change your diet, and even if changing causes a healing (healing crisis anyone?) releases adrenalin which releases cortisol, these are stress hormons and your body will interpret that as much these alone can play havoc with your system so I suggest not exercising ot much as exercise is also a stress, we don’t want to sent our bodies the wrong message.

altered muffin recipe/low carb

I have this basic muffin recipe, but I altered it so it would be much lower in the glucose load department. try adding half of the flour as almond flour, and use 2 eggs instead of one, use coconut in place of butter, as coconut oil is supposed to be really good for blood sugar control. then I add either chocolate chips the dark kind which is low in sugar or use fresh blueberries, which I did today. yummy.

here is a link for the basic muffin recipe.