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autumn has just stepped in say hello,

autumnsignssept242013 002

autumnsignssept242013 003

autumnsignssept242013 006

autumnsignssept242013 009

autumnsignssept242013 016

virginia creepers are the first to announce that autumn is on the way folks!

autumnsignssept242013 025

autumnsignssept242013 022

pokeweed says hey!

autumnsignssept242013 029

I guess the moon didnt get the it’s daytime memo, lol

autumnsignssept242013 051

this caladium among many, stayed in the ground all summer Ithought they had died or got eaten by all the chipmunks around here and I gave it up as lost theydecided to pop their little heads up when the weather turned cooler and the days grew shorter, whats up with that? now they are popping up everywhere I had planted them. weird.

autumnsignssept242013 054

figs on my hardy chicago fig tree, pretty cool, don’t plan on eating them just like how they look, do you suppose if I took the seeds I could grow another fig tree and would it produce to type? or would I get some different type of fig altogether.?



rainy day pictures of some plants



the first is blackeyed susan vine, finally was able to get one to grow, the second is my chicago hardy fig (its top didn’t die due to mild winter, even tho I did bury part of it with dirt), and it has little figs in the axis of the leaves, and the last is my sunflower, I planted a bunch and none survived, a bird plants one and here it is, go figure. it is really rainy here, kind of deary, but the blk eyes were so beautiful I had to takeĀ a picture. enjoy.