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Howdy gang, how is it going? is it nice where you are at or still kind of yucky?  it is really pretty and green here yesterday the sun was so nice I even sunbathed most of the day and played with my puppies outside.

I am still gaining improvements, my sleep, energy levels and the like are improving weekly, these past couple of days my appetite for things sweet (but still on the low gi side however) has decreased, in fact I am finding my cravings for such stuff a bit muffled, a good sign? or just another cruel joke? today I ate breakfast and couldn’t finish it, in fact I usually like my whole grain pancakes and real syrup (yummy) and bacon and hot tea, but I did not want it, weird for me, to not be super hungry in the morning especially since I havent had to get up and eat in the middle of the night. if I knew that all I needed was some vitamins and vitad3 mega dose for a few months (by the way I don’t take the vitad3 everyday and only take small doses now)that the changes would be this dramatic I would of done it long ago. is this a true improvment or a cruel joke? time will tell.

You do know I hope that without sufficient vitad3 you can’t get the calcium up in your blood? without calcium you become (see if you can guess it) diabetic, didn’t see that coming, what is diabetes (type 2 and type 3)but insulin resistance and what is that? glucose intolerance, all these names mean the same thing basically, your cells don’t want the glucose it can’t handle the oxidative properties of it, so the fat cells tell the muscles cells to use fat instead and the fat cells take up the glucose (to lower the temp hyperglycemia you are experiencing) to convert to fat to spill it into your blood for the cells to use.

But anyway, if your nutrient deficient how can you function or your body do it’s job of not only keeping you alive but more than that, thriving, having a high quality of life with energy and being able to do the things you love or need to do? vitad3 and cholesterol sulfate are so close molecularly that you have to study it awhile to see the subtle differences.

anyway hopfully this post is  not boring, but I am thinking if your glucose set point (amount of concentration of sugar you need in yor blood to overcome the resistance at the brain levels) is lower translates into lower amounts of sugar needed to maintain in your blood at all times to keep the brain supply means less need to eat alot of sugar throughout the day to keep it eleveated, translated into eating less carbs without much willpower if any at all. well this is how I see it at this point in time.

my slow/low carb seems to be easier to stick to then before, tho I am being careful to listen more carefully I remember the last time I ignored mild food specific hunger, and suffered for it. this time I will make sure to eat enough slow carbs thorough out the day to avoid this, and eat plenty of variety of fats and proteins too, I noticed something , that I plan to keep my carbs around 30 percent if I can, that is not far off from the 40 percent of the zone diet which is supposedly  designed to address insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, I am wondering if that is a more realistic and more managable percentage of slow carbs? what say you?

Good bye for now. happy springing.