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low carb update

well I figured this might not work out, I guess low carb was a bit too low? apparently it doesn’t address the underlying cause of obesity and metabolic dysfuntion, so I have been unable to stick to it, it did not address my inability to sleep through the night, it didnt decrease appetite long term, only temporary, I guess anytime you change your diet your body goes into some kind of shock or something and you lose some of your appetite. It has not help the low blood sugar symptoms I would get (remember that inner tremors I get almost constantly), and fatigue. it didn’t do anything for my hypertension either, even tho I am taking a ace inhibitor, the problem is it only reduced my pressures modestly.

so what am I doing now? I am concentrating on addresssing the underlying nutritional defiiency that makes me glucose intolerant. I have decided to take a vita supplement in massive doses, considering I spent like forever trying to deal with health issues through diet and exercise and some supplementation, it didnt work didn’t address my problems and was unable to stick to it, which tells me it did not address the underlying cause, again, so any advice by doctors or anyone else is trying to address the symptoms (overeating, poor food choices/cravings) and the subsequent weight increase does not address the underlying cause and should be discarded.

what is this vita mine and has it helped me? well I have been taking it for two weeks (you see I am afraid to tell you because it might be a fluke or the medical commnity might find out and ban it) guess what has been happening? well my sleep is getting better and better, my appetite is decreasing and that inner tremor I suffer from for so many years (try 15) has resolved, I am calm, I feel so comfortable inside it is amazing, and what else is there? I have a blood pressure moniter I have used regularly (or when curious about my numbers) shows my numbers have reduced to almost scary numbers (numbers I am not used to seeing regularly which is scarey in that sense) and you won’t believe I have been doing ti for a few days now twice a day, and my numbers are wonderful, and guess what else? my heart rate has reduced (how is this 133/72, 127/70 139/78 (after eating for last one)heart rate 70, 65, 68 72, pretty cool hum? what does my history that is recored show? 110/98,180/95, 166/88. heart rate about 80’s, despite my bp medicine, see what I mean? this is just a taste of my numbers I have my history for a couple of years of pressures saved on my moniter. so it amazed me when I scanned through the history as far as it would go.

is there any way I can tell my followers without the wrong people getting this infor they might try to discredit or get it banned by regulation or ruin the potency by reducing it.? I am taking about 25,000 iu of it, I read studies done on this amount for obese and healthy and they found no harmful affects taking it for 8 weeks.I bet you all guessed it by now. lol. does the sun give you an idea? maybe stock up on it before they do ban it, especially with codex alimintarious to be implement starting in 2014.

make sure it is 3 not 2. lol, get the gel and not the pills, anyway I am amazed at the results, never thought being deficient in one nutrient can be so devasating in one’s quality of life. wish I knew this long time ago. no wonder they don’t tell people this by doctors, that would put them and the drug companies out of business, maybe if that is the case maybe they should be put out of business if they are working  more for profit and continuation of that profit over human rights/health. they don’tdeserve to be in business in the first place, doctors have thier place but when they start to give out disinfo (and they might not be aware so are innocent bystanders themselves) then they become dangerous to us. and themselves too especially if they prescribe the same to themselves as they do us because they really believe thier treatments and understanding of diseases/illness.

so I am going to continue this for a month or two at least until the sun gets more intense and I can sunbath again, then maybe I will go down to a maintance amount. see what happens. talk about self experiement, but what else can I do? I have trusted the “experts” for most of my life it is time to discard their advice and go a different direction. and I have no where else to go.