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what is a hurricreep? well you know a hurricane is caused by hot air over warmer waters and some cold air in the mix somewhere. it moves following the circulation of the earth and is moved usually out of the way when the jet stream pushes it out or up. well if you take a bunch of hot air, (people who are stupid or greedy who speak) mix it with alot of people drooling (over increase in power and money) and add the movement of “experts” you get a hurricreep. add the jet stream of truth and you disolve that hurricreep into nothing but an old mill pond, if I may use the phrase from titanic the movie.

these people are in a hurry all the time to get something for nothing by convincing you that you must sacrifice something of value for nothing so they can get what you had. otherwise the world will blow up. sound familiar? too bad, these people have no clue they are heading for a very deep pit and dragging the poor trusting sheep with them.