please id tree please

septflowersplants2014 037

septflowersplants2014 039

septflowersplants2014 040

septflowersplants2014 043

this tree is grafted on what appeard to be a viburnum, the leaves at the bottom were bigger, more rough and oblong/elliptical. the leaves at the top are about 2 inches wide slight wider and same length wise. the bark is smooth and greyish, and I have tried and tried looking in my books on the net, it almost made me think of red bud then I looked again and it reminded me of a vine leaf possibly gooseberry or something else, any ideas? thanks.

3 responses to “please id tree please

  1. Good post! From the last picture, it looks like a Korean Lilac and sometimes they graft them onto Japanese lilac trunks. Look for the double buds on the twig tips and then you can sure it is a lilac.

    • would you happen to know what color they usually are? thanks for letting me know it was killing me looking in books on the net and even looking for a similar tree at the store to get the name.

  2. So glad I am not the only one who has a problem Identifying stuff. I grow trees from ‘pips’ and stones and invariably lose the label once it has grown!!

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