plants resurrected

topazjewelrose 001

topaz jewel and yellow rugosa hybrid, some of the tops actually survived this really bad winter we had, the flower is lovly. starts off dark yellow and lightens from the sun and heat, to a light yellow wonder if when it gets cooler if it will darken again like my new dawn does it get pinker when cooler and whiter when hotter.  now I know they sent me the right rose.

topazjewelrose 019

new dawn coming back from the thick stem, glad I did not cut it all the way to the ground, the leaves are so shiny, it doesn’t have buds on it I am hoping it will wait a few more weeks to get more canes I have a trellis I made ready for them, and to try to reduce black spot I put weed block around it to keep the hortatunia back so there would be better air circulation.

topazjewelrose 015

anyone know what this flower is? it grew back in my wildflower patch I grew wher I had a lot of cosmos, now I have different flowers coming up.

topazjewelrose 017

anyone know what this is?

my butterfly bushes all died, my one crape myrtle died too, but the one next to the garage is barly coming back from the bottom of the trunk. bummer the trunk has some pretty patterns on it, I am using it as a trellis for scarlet bean runner edible beans and is ornamental too, this is just some of my plants all which survived except the butterfly bushes and one new dawn which I just bought last year and that crape myrtle.


3 responses to “plants resurrected

  1. Whatever it is, it’s pretty. Sounds like my backyard a couple of winters ago. Now, we have had lots of rain and I am having to prune things. 🙂 Had to replant most of it. Yeah! Plants do resurrect, just a we will one day.

  2. Hi Roberta,

    Your white flower looks to be alyssum (lobularia maritima if I recall correctly) a cold tolerant annual that will sometimes spring back from seed.

    The pink one is also an annual–tough to tell from the leaves. I’m going with nemesia but it could also be diascia. Again, it’s one of those that they sell earlier in the season and again in the fall by me because they prefer cooler temperatures. It probably has stopped blooming by now but will likely be back in a few weeks.

    Amazing what nature does, isn’t it?


    • I am amazed how many of my flowers are annuals coming back from seed despite the cold winter we had, my cosmos reseeded, my morning glories,plants continue to amaze me even after all these years.

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