help me id these wildflowers I planted

wildflowersmorningglory 006

for the life of me Ican’t find any of these flowers on the net and my books I have. help, I didn’t save the package they came in like a dummy.

wildflowersmorningglory 008

wildflowersmorningglory 011

wildflowersmorningglory 012

wildflowersmorningglory 015

wildflowersmorningglory 022

here are my red morning glories my passionflower has a zillion buds on it ready tobloom I will take pictures and my blue morning glories have buds will take some of them too, when they bloom. but in the mean time, I can’t find plants that have leaves like these, what would you call it feather leaves or how would you describe it (so I can google it). thanks a bunch.

wildflowersmorningglory 002

wildflowersmorningglory 004

good bye for now.

6 responses to “help me id these wildflowers I planted

  1. lovely Pink flower……

  2. The upper plant must be common cosmos

  3. I agree – looks like Cosmos to me 🙂 Adore their fragile leaves and large blooms

  4. Yes, the upper ones are cosmos. delightful! they come in a variety in colors, like poor soil, need little attention and reseed themselves. The bottom ones are “morning glory” most typically them come in white and shades of blue and too are very easy to grow.

  5. Definitely cosmos at the top–one of my favorites to plant. I’ve never seen Morning glories in that lovely magenta. Gorgeous!

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