crape myrtles blooming

crapemyrtes 001

crapemyrtes 004

crapemyrtes 008

crapemyrtes 010

crapemyrtes 012

crapemyrtes 018

crapemyrtes 020

crapemyrtes 027

thought I would throw a picture of the passion flower we have, humm, I was thinking they are native to ohio come to find out they are not, they always come back every year from the root and flower beautifully. we save the seeds too.

When my red crape flowers I will post some pictures, these are red red. does anyone know if you save the seeds of the crapes if they grow true to type?


3 responses to “crape myrtles blooming

  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! I’m thrilled to see the Passion flower vine. Do you have any trouble with it trying to overgrow the area where you have it planted? I’ve been reluctant to plant them for that reason.

    • no they get die back in winter and where I have them I mow around them, so they cannot overtake not as long as I have my trusty riding mower and pushy mowers because i want it to be neat too as well as pretty. they are only evergreen in zones 8 and up. I am glad morning glories are annuals too they get really aggressive towards their blooming period. they start off slow but don’t let that fool you I think they are making a heck of root system to be able to take off in growth later on. occassionally some of the roots survive and come back the folllowing year but I do so much moving things around and plunking what I dont want or mowing it it ends up dying in the end.

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