Agenda 21: Obama pushing people into cities

wealth redistribution is code speak for theft and bribery, steal from those who have power to give to the poor so they will vote for you, and they won’t riot in the streets because of being hungry, instead of actually solving the problems of poverty based on the causes they want to try and circumvent moral laws to put salve on it but actually does nothing for the causes to justify stealing life, liberty and property, remember there are people in this world who want to be wealthy and powerful whom are not entitled to it, which is why they have to lie, remember satan lied to get something he was not entitled to. lying is what people do to reach out for something they desire that they have no right to. co2 is not a pollutant and if they want to regreen the planet more then make more co2, my hubby uses co2 in his aquariums and the plants grow like crazy when before their growth and color was not so great.

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