STICKY: Iron Mountain Report

check out this video, be careful of the scriptural references, he takes some of out of context, anyway it was very interesting especially the part about manufacturing crisis or creating one, like deliberate polluting, for example. he gets the part about the un, and how satan is using it and all, but he fails to mention or maybe he doens’t know but the united nations is getting this authority for one hour (or is allowed to) by Jehovah, Jehovah is going to use the un to destroy false relgion as punishment for breaking his laws and advocating false reglious ideas like immortality of the soul, animal or nature worship, money worship, or man is going to solve the problems worship, and other lies, including the evolution theory. this attack will not be persecution as many false christians believe but rather punishment for rebellion against the very person they claim to believe and worship his son Jesus. the judgement starts with christendom, the the rest will follow, the un people will think they are doing it on their own but the bible indicates Jehovah puts it into their hearts to do it. because after ward they will realize what they done and will lament it, cry over the destruction of babylon the great (empire of false religion) due to losing control over the people that she helped them maintain. but the video is just so jam packed with good information, I hate to let the few parts that are incorrect hinder that.

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