he speaks truth, he made me cry, he is right blood shed never leads to peace, self defense is okay but not blood shed based on lies and imperialism and profit.

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  1. Thanks for watching and understanding.. have you watched his videos before?

  2. I watched the video and still have not come to any conclusion. I did a New Year’s post saying, “This year more than any other, I wish for peace in this world. It is more important today that we hold a beautiful, positive, protective, unified reality for ourselves and our Earth, one in which we build an optimistic attitude towards the New Year which is sure to arrive.” I believe that it will never happen until most of the world lies in destruction. It takes too much bad to happen before people consider alternatives.

    • true in many ways the problem is people have had these past experiences to learn from and simply forget it, one generation rises and dies while another rises after wards forgetting the pasts teachings leading to the same mistake, that is why devine intervention (God’s kingdom Jesus told us to pray for is so important)is needed very badly and that is the point, God has allowed these past 6000+ to show us that we need his guidance and help in order to have a truly happy and peaceful life (not to mention endless life too) shows the folly of man trying to rule over himself without God’s direction and blessings. peace cannot come through man’s efforts or gov or any organization set up by men like the united nations, it is not Gods instrument to bring peace contrary to what the religious leaders have claimed when it was set up. Jesus said my kingdom is not part of the world, the un is part of the world. it is made up of people who do not worship Jehovah in fact there are alot of pagans and godless people running it so how can God use them when they are unclean in his eyes? he cantbe a party to theri crimes.

  3. I believe and abide, but it certainly will take more people to see any light at the end of a dark tunnel. I am tired of war, I am tired of those that wish harm, I am tired or people and their hate. What does one do? Ignore all around us and hope a higher force leads us all righteous? Like you said, that will not happen. I wish I had the faith to believe people would change.

    • you cannot change people they have to want to change and unfortunantly most will not (jesus said that few are on the narrow road to life) this narrow road requires changes in our attitudes and moral values, many are not willing to make those changes, look at noahs day only 8 people chose to listen to God or desired a change or end to violence, believe it or not many people like the violence provided they are the ones profitting from it (gov, bankers religous leaders and others)notice who are the ones that are goaded into war and fighting and dying and making all the sacrifices whatever they may be are not the rulers, not the wealthy elites, not the religious leaders like the pope, it is the little guy who does it, he is the one made to feel duty bound to fight for and protect so called benefits (that were his right to begin simply because he was born) when in fact most of the benefits go to the rulers and wicked people, in order to have peace like you say, your tired of it, why are you tired of it? because your not profitting but payint for it in blood money and sweat and tears, I am too tired of tyranny and oppression of the elites/rulers/wealthy over the people, who seem to have no say so, but I am realtistic, we are only humans and we cannot remove the thing that is causing people to love and profit off of violence, satan, inborn sin and wicked people who rise to the top of powr, you will never be able to throw off this oppressive not by violence because that has been tried a million times in the past, just check your history man has been fighting for freedom and peace for centuries yet it is furthur way then before especially with technological advancment it gets easier for the elites to control the population to do their dirty work. so it will require devine intervention, you see satan implied that man can rule over himself without God or his laws or direction, so he allowed man to develope every kind of government and scheme to achieve what only he can, man was never designed to rule over himself (let alone others) he doesn’t even have that right. so this why peace never comes through man’s efforts, there will always be satan, sin and people who are too happy to get the power and keep it whatever it costs you and me.

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