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low carb diet update, I have been following this diet pretty good for 19 weeks now, here is a report, most days I manage to eat pretty healthy carbs only alone with my normal protein/fat combo. a few days I was eating lower quality carbs and my total carbs for the day was a bit elevated, I was hungry for carbs, then my appetite for carbs would drop like a rock,  and my total caloires would drop also, it is like for a few days the carb diet is working well, staying around 25 percent, sometimes 27 or 28 and occassionally 30 percent of total caloires, depending on my hunger, food availability and cravings. then all of a sudden I get some cravings for lower quality food like ice cream which I make sure to buffer with alot of fat and protein added, like peanut butter.

for three days a few weeks ago, I was craving barbecue corn chips, weird I know, even when I wasn’t following any diet seldom did I crave that! but I always ate it with alot of nuts too so as to tone down the carbs in the food (even tho the labels says the fat caloires far outnumber the carbs in it.) but then that craving went away and I was back on track. my percentage of carbs went up a little on those days to about 30 percent.

my periods have regulated, gotten lighter, less pms, like 10 percent of what it used to be, but still dealing with sleeplessness at night, sleep a few hours wake up and it is like my insides won’t calm down for some reason. sometimes I go to bed tired out but then my insides take a while to calm down, it is weird, always had this problem for many years, this diet is not causing it.

now that I am in the midst of menopause it has gotten worse, really weird, sleeping thorugh the night seems to be long standing challenge. this explains why I seldom have alot of energy during the day, I do tend to do better i summer then winter. probably lack of sunshine, heat and our bodys are trying to conserve anyway who knows.

I am wondering when I can increase quality carbs, how do I know my insulin resistance has completly reversed? I am guessing if I lose alot of fat weight, stop having bad nights like this, and can sleep much better that might be my cue to go ahead and up my quality carbs to maybe 50/50.

hopefully it will get better, I wonder if vitamin supplement would help the lack of energy and inability to sleep well. any suggestions?



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  1. In my mid-forties, I did a low carb diet for about two years. I was following the “Protein Power” book, and I was keeping my carbs below 30 g per day early on, and I think I went up to 40 to 45 g per the end. I was able to keep my BMI in a range that was considered normal without being hungry. I ended up going off the diet because I was having surgery and my general practitioner never liked it anyway. Afterwards my weight did go back up.

  2. I know what you mean about having trouble sleeping thru the night. Sometimes, I have a banana. I read that is a good natural sleep aid and it often does the trick. I’ve cut back on calories, carbs, fat, sweets, etc. Since last July, I’ve lost 19 pounds. All the numbers my doctor tracks have dropped.
    One recent cookbook I love is, “Cook This, Not That” by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. It contains many meals that you might have eating out, but it cuts back on calories, carbs, etc. Check it out.
    As for vitamins, I take Juice Plus’ fruit and vegetable supplements, Fish Oil and Vitamin D. Hope this is helpful.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I’m sorry you weren’t there in person to see it. I guess I am amazed by the small things in life! Just reading your blog post here and see myself. Very similar! I visited the western medicine doctors who did not help. Then I visited a certified naturopathic doctor who combines the two types of medicine and discovered I had adrenal fatigue and anemia. I also was put on a high protein diet. It works pretty well, but I still have the same swings you mentioned. Sometimes with adrenal fatigue the body needs salt. Still working to move toward wellness, but I have learned that the higher protein diet is what our bodies want as we become more mature. I hope you find the solution for your fatigue!

  4. I wish I could give you the right protocol. I’ve seen patients heal with herbal preparations (I used to work for an unconventional doctor.) It’s a good thing you stay active. Hopefully it’s just a phase: a lot of ailments go in and out of people mysteriously, never coming back. 🙂

  5. ther ar all sorts of diets but ive found the one that works best for me is eating smaller portions of food; and thanks btw for following my blog; I will endeavr to keep it interesting

  6. Love lighthouses.
    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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