s/lowcarb update,


howdy friends, just a little update, my diet is going well, I had a blimp on the radar today with the carbs I ate being of lower quality but it will be better tomorrow as it is grocery shopping day. my total carbs is still close to mark however. last week I had about five days of sinus congestion and such and not feeling well, but starting to feel well, always had sinus problems most of my life. some of my meals today were ketogenic, no carbs or very low carbs. so actually it only supper that my carb quality took a nose dive, but tomorrow is another day.

I have increased my walking, I have been using my skeltoes, filas, and you do use muscles and tendons in ways that require getting used to again, short of going totally barefoot this is as close as I can get without it hurting tomuch or my feet getting cold. my walking has been vigorous and brisk (all without much effort by the way).  this pace is coming naturally, which makes me convinced I am on the right track.

these skeltoes are not water proof by the way. and you feel the cold of the ground if it is really cold out.

thanks for reading.

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