s/low carb diet update (like my new name?) combines slow and low carb.


hi there, update on my s/low carb way.  finally I am feeling good, my energy is increasing gradually since last post,  I looked in the mirror at the store today and definitly see some changes, my clothes tho always a bit big on me before are starting to hang. I have to tie my pants up tighter.  the shirts are feeling and looking a bit bigger on me then I remember, I see myself regularly in this mirror at the store as I go there regularly for the past 15 years. not sure if this is just my imagination, but I will see if any of my friends notice.

last time a perfect stranger made a comment ot me that I was losing weight.  she sees me walking my dogs all the time, today it being a bit warmer will take the puppies for a walk. if you want to see a picture of my puppies go to my face book page roberta robinson cuyahoga falls.

I do want to thank those who are interested enough in my blog to at least take a look into it and to follow it, thank you.

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