my low carbing diet

so far so good, last time I did an atkins type diet it was hard to stick too even in the beginning (carb cravings you know). this diet being what some call eco atkins is working out better than I thought. I guess what it really is is a low gi/low carb diet, considering low gi is basically the same thing only works differently. this diet controls how much sugar is entering into your blood all at once, people don’t realize you need some glucose you only run into problems if your nutrient status is to low to handle the oxidation and handling of such a violatile substance, I like to refer to glucose as gasoline, fructose as to rocket fuel, and fat as a slow burning log.

dr covert bailey a biochemist (guess he is also a doctor?) anyway he said this is how sugar and fat work together, the sugar acts like the spark or match and your fat acts as the log in a fireplace, without adequate sugar  you cannot burn fat very well, atkins diets work for some because the protein is converted to glucose but that takes time for the body to adapt, the problem is if you do not eat adequate phytochemicals, nutrients, vita min etc, you slow down fat burning, cause free radical and metabolic damage the body is unable to handle well, many of these nutrients are hard to get in veggies because you have to eat so much of it, and lets not forget the message to our bodies if they are very thrifty that the food enviroment is not optimal (otherwise why arnt you eating fruits, grains and seeds and their derivatives?) which can send the it is winter message which we dont’ want to send.

metabolizing alot of protein has its own toxins to deal with, but I am thinking if you can get enough protein in plant foods that would help, not sure, and still eat alot of plant low carb foods like fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, (especially right off the tree) and some whole grains or whole grain like foods, like buckwheat, almond flour, or quinoa and maybe even coconut flour or similar that would provide alot of nutrients to handle the toxins of metabolising animal proteins. you dont’ have to eat these low carb high quality carbs all in one sitting, I would think if you can space them out it would prevent the highs and lows and stress response by the body releasing cortisol and adrenalin which sends the wrong message to your body.

well anyway my next experinment is to make a low carb high quality chocolate cake, with cream cheese icing.  so far I am finding it amazing that you can eat your favorite desserts without causing your body problmes with high sugar (carb) and low nutrient foods by subsitutions.

if it comes out really good I will post a picture of it so I can make people drool. lol

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