low carb dieting

howdy powdies, today I am deviating from sharing pictures of my vacation, to talk about this diet I am following, mind you I have followed many diets in the past for purposes of being healthier and leaner, HA! what a joke. I have read tons of books over the years, read many studies, and medical articles in journals that are free to read, you name it I have read about, researched about it. I have done weight watchers, done it on my own, done low caloires diets several times over my life time, tried the dash diet for my blood pressure, did the low salt diet for my blood pressure, did the exercise for my fitness efforts, weight loss (which never happend anyway) or to lower my blood pressure.  All to no avail.

I even did close to atkins for over two months and lost like 5 pounds maybe? this diet did not address my blood sugar problems, sleep problems or lack of energy problems or bring my blood pressure down, and it ws hard to follow, and it literally made me sickly as well with headaches, fatigue, bad taste in the mouth, etc.  let’s face it who can live on meat and dairy only with some veggies and minimal fruit for most of their life?

so here today based on all the research I have done, experiences I have gained from myself and others who I have known for many years, is the diet I am trying, or dietary changes. I have made many over the past couple of years, but this past year I have made more adjustments,  here is my food pyramid I designed simply because I couldn’t find one even remotly close to it, obviously doctors are just o busy to do research or maybe they will get in trouble if they don’t perpetuate medical myths.

so here is my pyramid, it basically says unlimited quantities of food with no food dominating, except you will notice it is plant dominate, meats do not dominate the pyramid, and you notice I put the grians or grain like foods at the top, these I am limiting. as long as 100 percent whole grain, seeds or whatever flour. this is my version of a low carb/low gi diet, when you think about it low gi is low carb it is simply low carb in the blood not the stomach, after all blood sugar elevations and drops that are sudden and extreme cause more then just a headache and cravings they make you fat as well. this fat is how your body copes with the hyperglycemia you get and hyperinsulimia as well.

so far this diet is working very well better than any diet I have ever tried, including the dash diet (it never seem to address the blood sugar problems or the excessive appetite or the problems sleeping, the nervousness tension and depression I had.)

those cravings and desire to eat ice cream (what a joke ice cream, it is actually frozen dairy dessert, liars) which now is more sugar than cream. desire to eat higher calorie mostly carb foods gone, need to eat as often, gone, amazing if you ask me, it is easier too since my hubby is going lower carb too, to address some health concerns, anyway this is  my attempt, and hopfully I have found a way of eating that not only addresses my health problems I have dealt with so long but something I can stick to with little effort for the rest of my life.

so what way of eating are you all doing and how easy/hard/moderate is it to follow? find it gives you more energy, sleep better and addresses health issues you may have? please be cautious how you interpret changes, I have found that when you change your diet or lower blood sugar and whatnot that the energy many feel is not necessarily the diet working, not that it might not work in long term once adjustments are made in the body, but rather a stress response. when you change your diet, and even if changing causes a healing (healing crisis anyone?) releases adrenalin which releases cortisol, these are stress hormons and your body will interpret that as much these alone can play havoc with your system so I suggest not exercising ot much as exercise is also a stress, we don’t want to sent our bodies the wrong message.

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