the ultimate plunge

suicide sucks

when a pain takes away the spirit of life, the joy of living, the hope of the future, and your vision becomes dark despite a bright sunny day, with all the friends around who do make you laugh, the outlook to others one of happiness and joy, inside that darkness spreads and the secrecy of pain is hidden from all who love you, all you can see is the pain, more pain and more pain, a pain the doctors can’t take away, your spouse can’t take away, a bitterness of soul that refuses to leave you alone.

when in desperation for relief from this burden  all you can see is the sleep of death. here in the sleep of death there is no more thought, pain or suffering anymore. you forget the next day is a day of possibilities of relief, a possibility of a cure, everyday you breath is another day to destroy this monster inside you.

once you reach a point where tomorrow is a dread you dare not face anymore the ultimate decision to end that pain forever is made.  no thought is given anymore of those who will suffer anguish of heart at such a decision once they find you made it. no way to reverse that decision once you jumped into it.

depression, that dreaded monster, can be conquered, so I have been told,  you have the ability to get relief. how? I have been told medications, but it doesn’t work for alot of people, I have been told diet plays a big part.  This mental illness, like cancer eats you alive until you are dead though still breathing. this brain aliment, this imbalance in the transmissions, when the electrical wiring is crossing and recrossing till your mind is in a seizure and cannot give you the right signals and feelings of contentment and joy, must be rewired.

the transmissions are so dependant on adequate fuel and nutrients, if any are missing in our overstressed world disaster strikes. to little sunshine can make you a gloomy guss, inadequate fat intake can make your brain slushy and open to attack, inadequate fruit and vegetable intake and sleep makes your transmissions misfire and shortcircuit. little exercise can make it slow to fire. low play time can reduce  wiring of the brain.

when all these factors are at play your brain is not. whatever you do do not take the ultimate plundge, do not let that depression tell you lies. do not let it deprive you of life when it is giving the wrong signals.  change your lifestyle, eat better, reduce your workload, increase playtime, decrease the junk and increase the good, get the help you need anyway you can. suicide is not the answer. stop avoiding the sun, stop dieting for weight control, stop overexercising and stop the drugs.  give the brain what it needs and it will become your friend again. after all would you be a friend to someone who is  abusing you all the time?


(remember if something is broken it can be fixed)

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  1. It touches too many lives…!

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