barefoot running

I was just watching some videos of this site

it is funny how many who ditch the shoes lose the injuries, I have been doing running intervals on my treadmill, and occassionaly on the trail at a near by park, (just the hills running up them I am to fat for running on flats or down hill) in regular running shoes and my achilles tendon is ouchy! so I have been doing my intervals in my socks on the treadmill. seems to be helping.

I always did love to run especially trails if I have access to them. I used to be a runner many eons ago. any here like to run? I have been looking into getting a minimalist shoe (don’t think my feet would ever get used to sharp objects like acorns, and rocks and sticks and what not.) walked barefoot the other day stepped on this rock and it hurt like you know what. being heavy does’t help I am sure.

check out the posted link. he has some good advice and experience in this.


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