nice assembly

went to a convention at the wolstein center in cleveland. it was convention for Jehovah’s witnesses and interested ones, about guarding the heart. you know the heart is the seat of motivation, it manifests the attitudes, desires and hopes and dreams of people, it directs the movement, choices and goals people set. it motivates people to do and say what they say and do. the figurative heart can be molded, it can be changed if one has a desire to do so.

what will motivate a desire to change it? well maybe you see that it is leading you to do and say things you don’t like, hurting people’s feelings whom you love or behavior you know hurts others and you do not wish to be that way. or you could read in the bible that a trait or desire you have is disspleasing to him and desire to change. the bible can calm a depressed, upset, or angry heart, especially if that angry heart is due to the injustice found in the world that they cannot understand why it is allowed to continue if God truly exists and is a God of justice. it shows the kind of person Jehovah is why he permits wickedness temproarily, what his purpose is, and what we can do to be part of it. really nice assembly. there will be more in the following weekends coming up, they start on friday and go through sunday.



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