obesity sucks

here is a hot topic full of dissagreements and arguements sometimes. there is so much debate that people cant agree to even disagree. personally I have battled obesity for about 40 years. my experience and research tells me the “experts” are wrong again. not surprising they usually are. I can’t imagine Jehovah creating us with some moral capacity where you have to force yourself to go hungry to be healthy because satisfying that hunger fully leads to obesity. Haa! the joke is on us.

if you want to understand obesity you have to understand the purpose of adipose tissue. is it simply a resevoir for excess caloires from being a big fat pig? I thought so for a the longest, (because I listened to the “experts” over my own instincts, big mistake). now I know better. if you wish to read the references go to stephanie seneff blog especially her article on the obesity epidemic and cholesterol, go to marks daily apple blog or google vita d and obestiy also check out the book ‘how to be naturally thin by eating more’ by jean antenello just ignore her advice about fats other wise good stuff,. I got it at the library.

my recipe for success in the long term, this is not a fast process by the way, is lots of sun exposure without sunscreen, lots of sat fat, using only water to shower after sun bathing to avoid losing the oils in skin till vita d absorbs, which takes a day or two, plenty of digestive enzymes, vita d rich foods like whole milk, I would do raw if I could, bacon, fatty fish, fatty hamburger, yummy! oh yea glucose tolerance factor supplement, vanadium and chromium cinnamon and other supplements. what a difference it is making.

when I said it is slow I mean it.so there will be no I started this great diet and lost 10 pounds the first month. doesn’t happen like that. it takes time for the body to readjust to using glucose again, to heal the breakdown and damage etc.

http://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/  check out this link very interesting stuff.


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